easy eldar ranger flecktarn camo tutorial

Hi guys, its been a while iv'e been tied up with a couple projects involving my deathwing and necrons, so i decided to unwind and work on my eldar. more specifically, my rangers, they've been needing some touching-up on their cloaks so i thought of painting them up in a specific camo pattern. after looking through countless articles on general camo painting on airsoft guns and such, i thought to try painting a flecktarn pattern and after experimenting with it, i came up with this tutorial you are seeing now on how to paint this patter so enjoy!

Ok, so now that that's out of the way let's get to business, first off your gonna need a pallet for mixing colors, a brush(obviously) preferably a standard size pointed-tip brush like the GW or MWG one, it doesnt matter really but you can use any type your comfortable with really.
Bestial Brown+
Blazing Orange
(or a really dark orange)
Camo Green
Dark Angels Greens
Goblin Green
Chaos Black

Basic camo guidelines:
even though this guide wont help you paint any other specific pattern than this, these guidelines may help so dont be discouraged!
ok so first off, the #1 most basic rule in this art is start from your lightest color and work your way down the pallet, its just how camo works.
second, try to make splotches and such with the paint, dont make it too consistent. also, try to make your coats nice and even, dont add it on thick, it'll just look bad
third, try not to cover up paint from the last coat entirely, if you do this, it wont look distorted and camo-like.
ok now to the tutorial

Step 1:
Start off with a goblin green basecoat over anything you want to be part of your camo. dont worry about any areas with any previous coats showing through as they will be covered up later.

now wash all of the goblin green with badab black wash or similar wash.
this will help tone down the green and make it look better later.

Step 2:
now for the actual camo.
take your camo green and put it in blotches over a good portion of the green leaving good sized "avenues" of green in between blotches

Step 3:
take your bestial brown and blazing orange and mix them together on your pallet at about a 3:2 ratio, if you want a more of an orange color, add more orange, if you want a darker color, add more brown, whatever floats your boat. now add it in significantly smaller blotches over a good part of the area of camo and try to branch out the blothes and add little dots and such(use the slideshow for reference) and leave little areas in-between the colors.

Step 4:
now with the dark angels green, go over some of the previous coats in generally smaller blotches and be sure to make this coat solid(my paint was a bit thin at the time) but any other errors can be covered up with the next coat and as previously said, try to branch the splotches out in a good camouflage manner.

Step 5:
gettin' good at this now aren't ya?
now add a final coat of chaos black in the same manner as before, using the slideshow as a reference and try to cover up any errors made in previous coats.
and there you have it! now wasn't that easy?
i'm glad you took the time to look at this tutorial and have made the effort to try this out on your own models, or as a reference for different-style patters such as urban, ACU or desert patterns. and remember this is not just for eldar, or even 40k, you can use this for any wargame you play, i just used the ranger as an educational tool and reference model.
thanks for watching! please give me feedback on how i can improve my tutorial or my painting in the comments section down south

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rsrforge (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice tutorial, great effect, but the photos are terrible.

eldar4life (Over a year ago): - delete
thanks! yeah i could have added less black because the real pattern doesnt have very much black on it

Techmarine (Over a year ago): - delete
Pretty nice but I think there is one color too much. I would have stopped at "step 4" cause thats enough for me but still great work I'll definitely use it

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basically me teaching you, how to paint the german flecktarn camo pattern on some eldar rangers, but can can use this on alot of different models such as, Ork commandos, imperial guard units,space marine scouts, Tau units,even harlequins or tyarnids! in just 5 easy steps and involving no more than 7 colors. enjoy!

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