Lion El'Johnson: WS9 BS7 S6 T6 A7 W6 I7 LD10 Sv: 2+/3+325 points
Special Rules: Knightly, Primarch, Fleet, independent character,
War gear: Lion Sword, Lion Helm, Krak Grenades, Wings of Caliban, Primarch Armor
Lion Sword: A special sword forged on Caliban, can easily slice through armor and stuns the enemy so it follows the same rules as a thunderhammer, and it smashes through the skeleton of a foe, so it causes instant death no matter what, except if the model has eternal warrior.
Wings of Caliban: a Jet pack that has been modified allowing Johnson to move 12".
Lion Helm: A mighty helm worn by the Primarch allowing him to see enemy units with ease. When Johnson and his unit shoots an enemy unit, the enemy's cover save is reduced by -1, even if it would mean it would non existent like a 6+ cover save.
Primarch Armor: The armor of all primarchs, a modified suit of artificer armor it gives a 2+ armor save and with built in additional protectors it gives a 3+ invulnerable save
Knightly: As being a member of the Order, Johnson behaves like a knight, when any friendly unit is falling back or has gone to ground Johnson automatically takes an initiative test, if he passes he joins that unit and the unit automatically regroups, if there are several units take an initiative test and for each test for each unit passes they automatically regroup, Johnson will join the last unit.
Primarch: Johnson is a Primarch, so all attacks are like power weapons, count as rending, rolls 2D6 armor penetration, are relentless, are fearless, relentless, have feel no pain, have eternal warrior, can always deep strike and then assault, and all units in the same army list that a Primarch is in are stubborn and all units within Line of Sight are fearless and have the counter attack rule. In addition if any primarch is facing another primarch, they must move toward that primarch ASAP as to compete with him, they must try to assault the other primarch. Also each Primarch has powers, abilities or psyker abilities listed below and follow all abilities as a psychic test unless it is described and will never suffer perils of the warp:
Fist of Caliban: 18" range, S5 AP4, Small Blast. Johnson channels his energy into a psychic fist of destruction.
Prophecy of the Order: 18" range, Johnson uses his abilities to predict what the enemy's moves will be, all friendly units within
range get preferred enemy and re roll all wounds against any enemy unit the attack like Doom

Fulgrim: WS9 BS7 S6 T6 A8 W6 I9 LD10 Sv: 2+/3+ 375 points
Special Rules: Perfection, Primarch, Fleet, independent Character
War Gear: Fireblade, Krak Grenades, Primarch Armor, Wings of the phoenician.
Perfection: Fulgrim strides for perfection, he makes sure all attacks succeed, so all missed hits and failed wounds in close combat are rerolled, this passes on to any friendly units fighting in the same assault as him as they strive to be nearly as perfect as he is.
Fireblade: This blade forged by Ferrus Manus is a spear of fire, Fulgrim can slash this spear and throw off fire with stats of 12" range S8 AP1 Assault D3, in addition all wounds in close combat cause instant death.
Wings of the phoenician: Fulgrim flies throughout the battle with his famed wings, he counts as having a jump pack, but he may assault 6+D6", this is lost if the squad doesn't have jump packs, if they do then they follow this rule.
Flames of the Aquilla: Fulgrim makes an attack that takes on the form of an aquilla, place 3 flamer templates each touching each other in any design. They may be placed 12" away from Fulgrim.
Light of Perfection: Fulgrim causes a bright light of his perfection to shine so brightly, all units wishing to target him must roll for night fighting and have their BS reduced by 1.

Perturabo: WS9 BS9 S6(9) T6(7) W6 A5 I6 LD10 Sv 2+/3+ 350 points
Special Rules: Primarch, slow and purposeful, siege master, electric charge
War gear: Primarch Armor, Olympian Hammer, Steel Gun, Technocracy shields.
Siege Master: Perturabo is a master of siege only rivaled by Rogal Dorn, He may twice per game (He gets a free one automatically no matter what on turn 7) unleash a barrage to break a siege. He can use it even twice in one turn, no matter what. Its stats are S9 AP2 Ordnance Barrage 3 pinning Large Blast, these can always be corrected by Perturabo's siege skills by subtracting his BS, these can either fire as a multiple barrage or all of them can fire at any target they wish and any cover save is reduced by-1 even if it would become non-existent, and units with stealth do not get any bonus to their cover saves as the barrage decimates the ground, so if a unit was in a ruin and had stealth it normally would have a 3+ cover save, but it would only get a 5+ cover save. In addition for 5 extra points per unit (excluding Walkers, Titans, Monstrous creature or something similar) they can always improve their cover save by +1, if the unit normally wouldn't get a cover save it would get a 5+ cover save.
Electric charge: Perturabo's armor has electric currents flowing through it, he may roll 3D6 for his mandatory difficult terrain test and picks the highest, and can always assault 6 inches.
Olympian Hammer: A hammer with electrical capabilities forged on Olympia, it is a thunder hammer that makes him S9
Technocracy Shields: During the Great Crusade, Perturabo has fought a technologically advanced human civilization and won and took some of their technology, he walks into war with a shield from them and it allows him to be T7 from range like a bike.
Steel Gun: Perturabo carries a weapon to shred the enemy it has the following stats: S6 AP3 Range 30", assault D6+2
Technological master: Perturabo is fond of technology and can use the currents to heal a machine from range, One vehicle or bastion in planetstrike within 9" of Perturabo during the movement phase can be healed even if it is wrecked, unless it exploded, roll a D6 On a 1-2 the vehicle is healed from any stunned and shaken results, on a 3-4 the vehicle can either repair 1 weapon destroyed or an immobilized result or it can be healed from a 1-2 result, on a 5-6 a wrecked vehicle comes back with what ever number of weapons it was destroyed with, if their were none then add 1 of the owner's choice, Super Heavies gain 1 structure point, and 1-4 result can be healed instead. If a vehicle that was part of a squadron is recovered, it will not be part of the squadron and will not count as a kill point
Electric Stun, chose any 2 units within 9" of the primarch, they must fail their armor save or be stunned for their next turn, vehicles can be targeted. If a vehicle is targeted they automatically suffer a shaken result and roll a D6 and subtract 1 and the vehicle also suffers that result too. If any non vehicle units are stunned by this move at the end of the game, they count as a kill point

Tuska da Daemonkilla: WS9 A6 T5 S5 BS2 W4 SV3+ I2 LD10 PTS: 230

Wargear: Power Klaw, Big Blasta, Waaagh banner, bosspole, Cybork Body

Big Blasta: 24" S6 AP2 Assault 2

Special rules: Fleet, Expert, Fearless, Extremely Stubborn, Feel no pain,

Expert: Since Tuska is an expert in combat, he must move to the nearest assault and he may re-roll all missed hits. Furthermore, he may also re-roll wounds against monstrous creatures due to his experience in killing them on the daemon world he lives on.

Extremely stubborn: Tuska will continue fighting against all odds. Tuska counts as stubborn, and he is immune to instant death. Also, any unit that assaults him may assault 8" to represent Tuska attempting to charge first.

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khainelord (Over a year ago): - delete
I do agree with the tuska datasheet.

Justicar22 (Over a year ago): - delete
these characters are really overpowered, and a lot of Tuska's stuff is wrong. some of his wargear doesn't even exist also no ork should have WS 9 and there's nothing in the ork codex that gives a 3+ armor. additionally it would make no sense for Tuska to appear in battle because he's permanently trapped in the warp. sorry if this seems critical it's very creative, keep trying.

Lord-immortal (Over a year ago): - delete
@TheTemplar, i'm not being negative, i'm being honest, i'm not gonna say its the best thing in the world, when in reality it's not.

Chaos-Ruler (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice work guys!

TheTemplar (Over a year ago): - delete
i think this is a good start but you do need to re-word some of your phrases and refine some abilities/costs but i think it is wrong of LordImmortal to be so negative, it's just not what wargaming's about

Bergunder (Over a year ago): - delete
Check what you are writing. There are lots of redundancies. Lion's entry has rules that look like general primarch rules. Either define them before the entries, in each entry, or after all the entries. A little bit of misunderstanding with use of the phrases "like a bike" and "no matter what". You do not need to refer to other abilities that are army specific, define them in the entry.

Lord-immortal (Over a year ago): - delete
obviously i know what they are, and i'll give you some brutal criticism now, shall we proceed? First off the Lion is hella under costed. All his special rules, 2+ 3 and with a -1 cover save with his odd helm? I don't even understand what the Knightly ability gives, why doesn't he just make them not run away anymore if he's within 6" of em. And the whole Primarch rule is uhm, over powered. Even if he is a primarch he's still extremely over powered for only 325.

kcajrenreb (Over a year ago): - delete
they are called datasheets lord immortal, even GW makes them....check them out.

khainelord (Over a year ago): - delete
good job bolterangel, again you stand up to those people!

bolterangel (Over a year ago): - delete
its not nonsense, its just ideal stats for famous 40k units not in the game.
Whats the bad atitude all about?

xtroopers9 (Over a year ago): - delete
ok nvr mind 40k

xtroopers9 (Over a year ago): - delete
Im confused is this 40k or warhammer?

Lord-immortal (Over a year ago): - delete
uh huh, so uh whats the point of this nonsense?

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