Dark eldar competetive list

Sooo i have been thinking about pulling my dark eldar out of retirement and playing them again. I have created what i think is a competetive 1500 dark eldar list.

HQ:Lilith Hesperax........175points
Archon electrolizer whip, ghost plate armor, shadow field, and combat drugs........130points

Troops:3x 10 man wyche squads 2 hydra gauntlets. one Hecatrix with blast pistol and a power weapon........155 each 465points altogether.

Dedicated transports: 3x Raiders with night shields and flicker fields
........80points each 240 altogether.

Heavy support: 3x Ravangers with night shields and flicker
fields........125points each 375points altogether.

I dont know what to do with my other 115 points. suggestions put in the comments below and dont forget comment rate and subscribe.
Happy wargaming,

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1500 point De list

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