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Interrogator Chaplain Jackael's jet black armour caught the light of

the engine as his thunderhawk flew away with a guttural "thrum".

Jackael looked slowly from his left to his right, evaluating the squad

of veterans that he was all-too familiar fighting with.

"Raffiel!" he boomed. A hooded man briskly walked up to Jackael's

side, his power weapon that almost resembled Jackael's Crozius was

held at his side.

"We are too remove the threat that the eldar xeno present in this

province. We believe that they are fiercely protecting a shrine that

belongs to them not to far from where we stand now," he said "I am

relying on you to keep an eye out for them" he concluded.

"I would be honored Chaplain." replied Raffiel in his familiar brisk voice.

"Then let us wait no further! Repent today for tomorrow you die!"

Roared Jackael, and he waited for his brothers to say likewise and

then proceeded in the direction of the shrine.

The terrain was rocky, with high rising boulders, which worried

Jackael as it didn't allow them to see what lay beyond. He waved his

index finger forward signalling for his soldiers to split up and move

in on either side of the boulder thay were currently approaching.

He rounded the boulder and then a loud ear splitting fizzing noise

entered his senses and he looked down to see a smoldering burn in his

armour. He looked sharply in the direction of the shot and saw an eldar

dire avenger aspect warrior. Raffiel raised his plasma pistol, but

Jackael already had his crozius out and was sprinting in the xeno's

direction. The eldar pulled out a large knife-like weapon and assumed

a ready stance. It leaped forward bringing the knife in an uppercut

which Jackael met with a heavy blow from his crozius, causing the

knife to fly from the eldar's hands. Jackael drew his bolt pistol and

fired twice at the eldar, the first shot tearing it's abdomen, and the

second peircing it's chest. A spray of blood dotted Jackael's black

armor with red specks. Jackael whirled as he heard the booming sounds,

and flashes of light that signalled someone was firing their bolter on

the other side of the boulder.

"Too me brothers! Too me! Rally up and advance! For the Emperor!"

Jackael screamed. His fellow Dark Angels rounded the boulder at an

inhuman speed with white hot bolts of energy streaking after them.

He could see the distress on one of his soldier's faces as a shuriken

embedded itself in his leg. Two of his men whirled around, and after a

flurry of blades and agonized yells of the eldar, ran up to him.

"I can see the shrine from here!" Raffiel rejoiced. Jackael heard an

exchange of strange words and then he heard metal clad feet running

lightly on the ground. He counted at least twenty, which greatly

outnumbered his 7 men. He looked over the mound of rocks that

separated them from the shrine and he saw a host of colourful eldar

warriors sprinting towards his location.

"Ready yourselves brothers." cautioned Jackael. When the eldar were 10

meters away, a loud salvo of gunfire from both sides combined into

one, strange chorus. The eldar continued however, obviously wishing to

get into a melee against the Dark Angels. Jackael decided to focus on

one enemy who appeared to be leading and coordinating the enemies.

When the enemy was close enough Jackael encroached on him with one

graceful bound and swing of his crozius, which was surprisingly met

with the enemie's blade. The eldar leaped onto Jackael's chest and

threw a punch to his head. A loud metal clang erupted, and Jackael was

dazed for a second,and he pretended to fall unconscious. Before he hit

the ground, he lashed his leg out causing the xeno to trip, and he

sprang up and plunged the crozius into the midsection of the enemy.

The next target he picked was a flamboyantly outfitted eldar which he

dispatched with two simple shots of his bolt pistol. Although

counter-intuitive,the rest of his skilled men had already killed the

rest of the eldar force, and Jackael noticed two dead space marines

among the pile of dead eldar. One of his brothers, Lefiel, shattered

the strange eldar shrine with his combi-melta and Jackael reported to

the company master as a mission success. As the Dark Angles boarded

the thunderhawk, Jackael knew he had to be more prepared and focused

if will live another day.

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nicknoo (Over a year ago): - delete
nice i really like the attack scenes but i dont think that the dark angels would be able too kill all of the eldar in the time it takes for a chaplain to kill a leader.Awsome anyway

kcajrenreb (Over a year ago): - delete
This isn't a poem!!

khainelord (Over a year ago): - delete
nice poem

kcajrenreb (Over a year ago): - delete
@Fig-14: Thanks, I'm sorry for all the spelling errors.

gorkamorka (Over a year ago): - delete
You improved a lot from yoour last story. good job.

Fig-14 (Over a year ago): - delete
Excellent. except for maybe a few spelling mistakes it was very interesting

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