Dark Angel Company Master + Fluff

Company Master - Lord Damocles

Damocles was elevated to Battle Brother when he successfully assassinated Ork Warboss Gobsmasha, whose skull he now wears as a trophy on his right shoulder pad.

After a mysterious Space Hulk appeared in Dark Angel Territory, his tactical squad was tasked to board the hulk and discover why it had appeared there. After discovering a Death Guard plot to use the hulk as a means of transporting a virus onto a Hive world currently under protection of the Dark Angels. His team successfully stopped the hulk and destroyed the virus before it reached the hive world. Upon the completion of this mission he was premoteted to Sergeant (as his sergeant fell during the battle with the Death Guard onboard the hulk) he was also presented with the Sword of Righteousness, as a reward.

Whilst serving as a Sergeant his entire squad was captured by the forces of chaos and tempted with desires beyond their imagination. During this time he had the Mark of Chaos branded onto his scalp and learned the truth behind the Dark Angels history. After his eventual escape, with the surviving members of his team, he was questioned by the company’s interrogator chaplains and chief librarians, who deemed him worthy of this knowledge and with their constant guidance; he can successfully hold back the Chaos threat constantly trying to tear into his mind. Upon learning the truth he was automatically given Deathwing Status.

When the entire third battle company was sent to the Promethium mining planet of Lethe, then Sergeant Damocles, lead the 1st Tactical Squad into battle. When the Tyranid invasion had been defeated only he and the Third Company's Master Lord Elysium survived. However, Lord Elysium was mortally wounded and was later entombed into one of the company’s dreadnoughts. Damocles was selected by the inner circle to take the place of Elysium as Master of the Third Company.

Lord Damocles, is currently held in high regard by the Inner Circle, and is respected and admired by those he leads into battle. However, his peers consider him a threat to the company and suspect that eventually the Mark of Chaos will overcome him, this subject is regularly brought up when his company joins others, forcing mistrust between those he leads, and those he doesn't.

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that is frikin epic! i like the skull pads

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This is my dark angels company master with a bit of background fluff!

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