Dan's new BIG project

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jacican (Over a year ago): - delete
cant wait to see it finished, dan please make vids where you assemble, convert and paint that would be awsome

Sirtrevor149 (Over a year ago): - delete
Launch pad/headquarters for stormboyz or deffkoptas? Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

DeamonX89 (Over a year ago): - delete
a Bomb Riding Grot all other things are not acceptable

BrandoMoondo (Over a year ago): - delete
I'm not sure if you know this already. But there are rules and stats for a larger ork bommer in the forge world book IMPERIAL ARMOUR VOLUME EIGHT - RAID ON KASTOREL-NOVEM. The ork bommer in there can carry twenty stormboyz and has a few weapon options too.

65198 (Over a year ago): - delete
Dan, you should have landing pads for deffkoptas on it. I also like OCS223's ideas. It would also be awesome if you had a floating landing cruiser, like in "The Avengers". Orks should be crawling ALL over this model. Have guys with welding masks making repairs. Add some humor to it to, like an ork wearing a flight attendant suits, or an ork chain of boyz, trying to save someone. I WANT TO SEE VLOGS OF THIS BEING MADE!

scotzy1995 (Over a year ago): - delete
OMG yo should have the plane overflowing with boyz, maybe some falling and like a chain trying to pull them back in. maybe some banner carriers and things to add on and some gun holes of burnas and big shootas. Just go orky!

Ramael13 (Over a year ago): - delete
I think in true orky fashion something that big wouldn't be able to fly... so.... my suggestion is to have deffkoptas chained to the wings lifting/carrying it. Truly a great model for the ambitious Big Mek, Dan. Nice one!

Gamegod77 (Over a year ago): - delete
Cant wait to see it when its finished. You should have deffkopta landing pads all over the top, with grot oilers a nd mechanics repairing them!!

DahWarbozzz (Over a year ago): - delete
putt the grot bombs from forgeworld on it

Thayvian1 (Over a year ago): - delete
This model needs its own dedicated war boss to fly it I think. Also, storm boys in the rear instead of engines. Also maybe replace the glass with a wrought iron looking type cage.

Other Comments

LordHamshire (Over a year ago): - delete
So if your an American 35 year old, try shopping at Toys-R-Us.

LordHamshire (Over a year ago): - delete
That thing is going to be huge! Can't wait to see it done.

luca0483 (Over a year ago): - delete
dan PLEASE make videos for updates on convertion/assembly and painting. and remember that there are rules for a larger ork bommer in IMPERIAL ARMOUR VOLUME EIGHT - RAID ON KASTOREL-NOVEM. i think that those rules would fit this monstrosity of a bommer pretty well. also, have a bigmek or warboss or warboss equivalent of a mek driving it (bigmek is the nob equivalent of a mek). this is going to be awesome!

Ampilla (Over a year ago): - delete
Maybe some very brave Grot Riggers?

Spacefrisian (Over a year ago): - delete
Will you be adding Ork Paraboyz?

kevlar (Over a year ago): - delete
can anyone say ork thunderhawk?

wolken62 (Over a year ago): - delete
you should put an ork stompa deth cannon onto the bottom and put 4 supa shooters on it and maybe some grot gunners on the wings.

Smokiehunter (Over a year ago): - delete
I don't know who said it but adding either 2 def coptas on top to help lift it or putting them underneith the wings as a sort of turret would look so awesome (reminds me of the clone troopers in their balls for star wars) other than that... PAINT IT RED!!!!

DaemonMaster (Over a year ago): - delete
Rule wise it should be a battle wagon and just add the flyer rules lol with the bombs from the flyers and supa-shootaz of course and grot gunners on all weapons. also some kind of apoc bomb

allgall (Over a year ago): - delete
how you get the how ot paint pdfs

ordoxenosguy1 (Over a year ago): - delete
is it gonna be called the supah mega ultra bomba

Txzen (Over a year ago): - delete
@DeamonX89: If you spend the points on the grot it should get an accuracy bonus. Grot Guided Bomb FTW!!! Orky Ki Yay!!!

Gotta love Doctor Strange Love?

sebell (Over a year ago): - delete
O_o almost as wide as a Manta?

raydash (Over a year ago): - delete
Amazing! Can't wait to see it in action. 1:32! I was about to get myself a 1:48 version of it... I guess I'll have to get me a B-29 then

Honoured (Over a year ago): - delete
Im sure a lot of us have read the Deffskwadron comic. Just look at "That" bomber in there and youll have a plethora of good ideas to pick from

Its-nd-Orks-life (Over a year ago): - delete
Blasta Bommer!!

darzinth7 (Over a year ago): - delete
I second the notion that orkz don't need glass, but for some fun you could leave some windows on with either a grot inside or have blood splattered inside it.

ultracorndog (Over a year ago): - delete
death kopta coming ou the bomb aby would be awsome

tauorka (Over a year ago): - delete

Diavlo (Over a year ago): - delete
Dan, you should have used something like that "AZ model AZ 4860 Gotha G.V (1/48)"

Madcat75 (Over a year ago): - delete
Can't wait to see it but personally I would have used a B-17, B-29, TU-95 or even a B-50.

Personally I would love to see someone make a dakka jet out of an A-10

Instinctual (Over a year ago): - delete
I like the Squig cannon idea, mabey mount it in the tail section with a hopper of squigs on the upper fuselage (or roof) with some poor grot with a cattle prod trying to shove them down the feed chute

TableTopJosh (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Dan! As a fellow lover of stormboyz it would be amazing to have a few of them flying out the back hatch of the plane, or have a few flying right beside it!!

darkeldarsemissary (Over a year ago): - delete
dan im thinking for the pure awesomness of what i seen from the 666 iron maiden tour with eddie on the plane remove the top part of the body of the plane so its open topped strap some big shootas together as turrets and have the boyzs sit on the wings with the turrets releasing the dakka goodness as you fly by

Lcjj (Over a year ago): - delete
Daka on a new leval

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