Converted Wraiths / Acanthrites.


these are my newly converted necron wraith/ acanthrites. they are made entirely out of lychguard/preatorean box bits, (2 boxes) and yes, these were made out of the leftover bits, so i also was able to make 10 lychguard / preatoreans, which i will uploads pics of onto my channel. and for you smart allecks out there, yes i did use paper clips that werent from the boxes. i hope you like them, tell me what you think. maybe what i couldve done better, mayb what you iked, didnt like. in any case, rate and subscribe.

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Gorefangz's Avatar Author: Gorefangz
Added: October 22, 2012
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something ive been working on after buying 2 boxes of lychguard. these are made entirely out of the bitz from the boxes of lychguard

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