Chaos space marine lord (tatical armour) step one

Yesterday I was painting some models when I looked in my bitz box and found a ton of chaos spare parts. I decided that my force, and although I have two lords on bikes, I was lacking a infantry leader.

You will need:

1 Chaos space marine box set
1 1:32 world war 2 vehicle (on wheels)
1 model plane (preferably airfix)

First glue a pair of suitable legs to a base. Next take a wheel from the ww2 vehicle and (if necessary) glue a landing gear wheel from the plane inside the gip in the wheel. Next take a banner top and glue it on the side of the wheel with the landing gear opposite. Now find a elaborately detailed torso front and glue it onto the legs. Now glue a fuel can type thing from the ww2 set and glue to the rear of the torso. Now attach the banner assembly from before and glue to the fuel can, banner facing outwards. Next take a bolt pistol arm and cut off the pistol (unless you want to equip him with one) and glue on your gun of choice (I chose a plasma gun). Glue this to the torso. Next take a chainsword arm and attach it to the torso. Now glue a head on to the neck joint and position it in a dramatic way. Now glue a shoulder pad onto the chainsword arm (I chose on that was rather lage to help hide the slightly out of place neck you get from only half a neck joint. Now glue on the final shoulder pad remodeling it if necessary. Add any final details (grenade pouches e.c.t.) and your lord is complete.

Here are some pictures of mine so far:

An Image!

An Image

An Image!

An Image

An Image!

Sorry if the images are bad quality, I am not a very good photographer.

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hthehidden (Over a year ago): - delete
- click tools
- create a slide show using the photos
- hover over slide show
- click get link
- click get link code
- copy the first code under HTML for websites & blogs
- paste it in the embed code in the visual element part of the miniwargaming add content page

andlord12 (Over a year ago): - delete
photos aint working

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I talk about how to build a chaos space marine lord on foot out of a box of chaos space marines and several ww2 vehicle kits.

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