Cadian 5th fluff part 2

The 5th Cadian or the "Knights of Cadia" is an imperial guard unit formed from the fortress world, Cadia. They are named for their famous rough riders or knights that they acquired when the regiment merged with the Austinian 115th Rough Riders during the battle of Armagedon. They are known to use these rough riders as shock troops along side the regiments chimera-mounted veteran squads to form hard hitting group that can seize objectives and break through defensive lines.
The Cadian 5th have served in many notable campaigns including the 3rd Battle for Armageddon where they fought in multiple battle all across Armageddon due to a dived regiment deployment. The 1st 2nd and 3rd companies served along side both Commissar Yarrick and the Salamanders space marines in assaults on Ork Rok's. The rest of the company under Colonel Dillon Storm fought alongside Austinian 115th in running battles against Ork speed freaks in thrash wastes. During these running battles the Austinians merged with the Cadian 5th due to high losses on their parts including the loss of their colonel. It is during these battles that the Cadian colonel learned how to effectively use Rough Riders and veterans in chimera's. Other notable campaigns including the Battle for Cartrax against the forces of Chaos and the the battle of Thantax against the elusive Eldar.
The Cadian 5th are currently still engaged in the Augusta sector attempting to drive back both xenos invaders and chaos marauders. The Cadian 5th has just secured Augusta Prime's primary city and spaceport and they are currently proceeding to repulse the remaining enemy forces. Forces from both the Aurora marines and Crimson Fists chapters are enroute to reinforce.

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Fred2437 (Over a year ago): - delete
No i made up a couple of battles and just adapted a few things from the old Armageddon codex.

Ultramar-zane2011 (Over a year ago): - delete
nice fluff, did you get that from the codex??

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This is revised copy of the cadian 5th's history.

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