Boss Burd's Tale

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Published on: Mar 26, 2010

WAAAGH! Burd reached critical mass on the mining planet of Far Reach, join him on his conquest of an Ultramarines outpost

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other



This is a story based on a battle, which you can find too.

The ork Warboss Burd looked toward the human lines, he noted the artillery fire that signaled that the Gretchin with Supa Lobbas where actually firing. Thier Runtherd may find a asmall stash of teef. His private bodyguard of nobs who took the name Da Butchas shifted eager to charge the humie lines. He looked over at the rest of his ladz, and let loose a massive warcry that can make a squiqqoth shift in uncomfort. The space marines realised what was happening while the deffkoptas got closer to thier Dred. He noticed a bunch of humies in mega armour coming towrds them. "Heh. ok ladz lets slata'em!" In agreement the nobs let loose many volleys of slugs from thier sluggas, his own shoota hit a few too. IN response they droped a nob, no matter there more. In that split second before combat, everthing slowed his power klaw powered up, and a few heartbeats later was going through thier leaders armour with little resistance. Then another fell to his massive strength, then another who was just injured by a nob, the rest of'em fled like a buncha grotz from a scrap. He kept going shooting, he over took the humies, that one only saw a power klaw. The ladz where holding the spot he told them to, now he could start a base, then he crashed into more of his enemies the ones who avoided the fight ran off to a building. Turning Burd yelled"Da Place is ours, get da battlewagon an meks ere wez got stuf ta do!"
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