Bloody Last Stand extra 4

The Valkyrie swept over the battlefield. 'Drop zone approaching.' the automated voice blared over the speakers. The stormtroopers inside readied their packs for launch. They were the best of the best and probably the last surviving stormtroopers on Khardeph. The pilots voice cut in 'hell talons are approaching, prepare for immmediate deployment!'
'Go!' The sergeant called. He jumped out of the valkyrie quickly followed by his five troopers. 'There! Enemy armour, 22.7 degrees to the north.' The stormtroopers plummeted towards the ground, activating their chutes at the last minute. Just in front of them was a chaos vindicator. A searing flash and the squads meltagun blew off its tracks, rendering it immobile. Angry voices bellowed from inside but were quickly drowned out by the roar of approaching jetpacks. 'Raptors incoming, fire!'

'Sir.' Rast looked up from his vox caster. 'Sir, our stormtroopers are here.'
'Thank the Emperor, we need all the support we can get. Vox the valkyrie to start blasting daemons.'
'It had to disengage sir, it has a pack of helltalons on its tail.'
'Then we'll have to do it our self.' with that he slammed back the top hatch of his chimera and pulled out his bolt pistol. 'Die warpspawn!' The rest of his squad followed suit and daemons started to crumble but not enough. A filthy beam of light caught Sarstins eye and he barley had time to shout before a lascannon from Kharyun's second baneblade punched through the engine plating.
The squad bailed out. Seconds later the interior of the apc was enveloped in flame as the engine blew. Sarstin got up and checked his squad. All alive with only minor cuts and scratches. He looked around. Autocannon fire drew his attention to the left. His flank guard was firing at Kharyun with everything they had but the terminator armour was taking it all. In an instant the chaos lord was on them with his three bodyguards, hacking through the men like a madman and an instant later they were all dead. Kharyun locked his gaze with Sarstin and bellowed a challenge.

The roar echoed across the battlefield. Tarvulius snarled as the daemon prince he was fighting disembowelled another one of his terminators. He hefted his hammer and struck at the daemon but it seemed not to notice him. Another of his terminators stumbled past him with a gaping wound in his stomach. With an angry screech, a blood coloured daemon lept after him and took his head off. Tarvulius turned and was confronted by a daemon bedecked in a cloak of skulls. He cried with anger and swung his hammer but was hit in the back before he could land a blow. He slumped to his knees and the daemon prince hit him again. The Skulltaker leaned forwards and flicked his wrist, decapitating Tarvulius in one swift movement. As Tarvulius's lifeless head rolled to the ground the Skulltaker smiled; another skull for the skull throne.

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matteuse (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice work!

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Turn 3. The story for turn 3 of the Bloody Last Stand. Aargh.

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