Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard


This picture is of one of the Sanguinary guard I recently finished painting. I used a Balthasar Gold (that's what the container said, though I think it's a different color) for the main of his armor. Boltgun metal is used on his gun. I used Blood Red (sorry, I don't know new equivalent to it) and Skull White for several of the other details. The bone and parchment bits were painted with Bleached Bone. I then finished with a Nuln Oil wash, to add some character to the model. Though in hindsight I realized I missed a couple parts on him (oops! Shouldn't have made those.) But still, I feel proud fielding him on a tabletop. (Note: this model is not yet based.)

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These are some pictures of a member the Sanguinary Guard I recently painted up. Comment and let me know what you think!

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