Blood Angels Part 1

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I was inspired by an old article in a White Dwarf called Army Workshop, specifically by the Blood Angels force that hobby maestro Nick Bayton built.

So, I've decided to put together my own Blood Angels force, based off of the infamous 3rd company, using the techniques and inspiration from the article! Wish me luck!

"Why do a space marine army at all?" I hear you ask. "I thought you hated uniformity!" "Why aren't you doing Orks? You call yourself Warboss, after all!" "When are you going to do more Night Lords?" "Why don't you settle down and marry a nice girl instead of play with your dolls all day?"

Well, mom, if you must know, I was inspired by the fact that this battleforce will be a part of a campaigning army, one that is always knee-deep in the fight and hasn't been back to Baal for refit in years. I also picked up an old Space Marine Strike Cruiser for the old Battlefleet Gothic game, and will make it the ship of my Blood Angels force. But more on that later!

For this video, I wanted to start by doing what I felt would be the hardest thing in the box: the R4-1N0 Troop Transport Vehicle, more commonly known as the Rhino (I think I heard that on a podcast, recently...) I felt it would be the hardest for me to paint, because I really don't like large flat surfaces. I am not good enough yet with my freehand to do intricate designs that I would like to, and it hurts my eye to see a single colored vehicle plodding around the battlefield.

That's when I thought back to the fluff of my army: dirty it up! Give the Rhino some chips, battle damage, scorch marks, and bullet holes. Suddenly, I felt a lot better about painting the thing!

Anyway, stay tuned as I unbox and review the Assault Marines, Death Company, and Space Marine Captain sets. I would like, if possible, to kitbash spare Death Company bits into the other two kits to create models that look distinctly Blood Angel...y., rather than vanilla space marines with red paint.

Music, as always, provided by with the Creative Commons license. Track name is "Deliberate Thought"

Latahs, playahs!

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nicknoo (Over a year ago): - delete
looks great!

eliteijr (Over a year ago): - delete
I took my hobby knife and just used it as I would have with a hobby drill. The whole came out really clean, so I added pressure to the sides, creating the cracks in the area.

Evil666 (Over a year ago): - delete
how did you do the bullet holes

Evil666 (Over a year ago): - delete

eliteijr (Over a year ago): - delete
No wonder the thing fit so weird! Haha, thanks for the correction! I'll need to fix that in future Rhino builds =/

catkitten (Over a year ago): - delete
Love your weathering work, one issue that you could mabye fix so that your vehicles come better would be to turn the rear ramp around because right now it is backwards, but hey it's original. Great works can't wait 2 see more.

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Blood Angels Rhino, from model with only primer, to finished product =)

Stay tuned for more Blood Angels Wackiness!

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