Blood Angels Devastator Squad


Hey guys! This squad here is my latest project, a Blood Angels Devastator squad. They are specialized to be more of a anti-infantry unit, because of the double heavy Bolters and Double Plasma Cannons, though the Plasma Cannons are alright against vehicles. I used left over shoulder pads from my Sanguinary Guard squad to make the Devastators a bit more Blood Angely. (if there is such a word) They are a great unit, this particular load out is around I want to say 225 so it is a bit pricey, but they definitely bring enough firepower to the table. I would not recommend this unit if you prefer more up close and personal approaches because they are much less effective at close range than at long range.

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Tyrant-1 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hmm... smart choices going with the 2 Hv Bolters and the plasma cannons. Good anti infantry unit. You'll do well again the nids or orks.

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