Big Mek with KFF

Just a quick post showing off the Big Mek with KFF I recently finished. I used this model a lot in 5th edition but I just never go round to painting it up. He's been fielded in his chaos black undercoat for over a year but now he can strut his stuff with pride on the battlefield.

An Image

I'm not sure what kind of list I will mostly use in 6th edition but I usually switch tactics between every few games just to mix it up a bit so I'm sure he will be used, (unlike some other models I have in my cabinet). My current HQ favourite is the Weirdboy or Warp'ead even. He's in black undercoat as well but I have put him on my desk for a quick paint job and I'm even making another one by putting spare bitz together.

Stay tuned...


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HaWior (Over a year ago): - delete
Very nice Big Mek

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Just a quick post showing off the Big Mek with KFF I recently finished.

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