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I was playing a really hard coar tyranid list 30 genstealers 3 trygons tyrant with guard and a tervigon and some gaunts 1850 points my list space wolves 15 long fangs two jaws priest also with living lightning and grey hunters with meltaguns. okay the game starts with me doing some awesome shooting with jaws first thing i suck his Tervigon up with jaws of the world wolf (initiative 2). Then fifteen missles tkae down one trygon from 12 of the fifteen missles the only reason he took so many shots is because a venomthrope was right behind him giving him a 5+ cover save I got one wound on the other one with my last few missles. Now his turn he advance his two trygons and his deathstar unit (Hive tyrant three guard. and his gaunts were out of synapse so they took instictive behavior and failed there test making them lurk in to the nearest piece of cover. Genestealers ready to outflank I had to stay some what in the middle but I was getting sandwitch between 2 trygons and his deathstar He takes a shot with the heavy venom cannon from the tyrant okay my turn. I roll for my land raider I put in reserves (five thunder hammer terminators inside with arjack the special sergant guy it rolls on from reserves I disenbarck and im right in front of the hive tyrant ready to assault when the time come then I fire all fifteen missles at one trygon bringing it down. and I perils of the warp on both my jaws priests. my grey hunters still hiding in there four las plas razorbacks in the very corner they fire at the Deathstar an fail every shot. Ok assault phase Arjack and his group go to take on the death star losing all the terminators but Arjack arjack strikes base to base with the tyrant and inflicts three wounds(but mabey doing that wasent the best idea). Okay his turn two all three genestealer groups come in (thanks to hive commander from the hive tyrant) they all come on one side next to my las plas razorbacks I was very worried he then fails instinctive behavior on his trygon and it runs right at my land raider hoping to blow it up.
He didnt ahve any shooting his genestealers charge and wreck all four razorbacks (amazing rolling) And my grey hunters pop out the trygon wrecks my land raider and his tyrant finishes off arjack. Okay my turn not looking good for the wolves I disembark my grey hunters from my priest rhinos still only five but they got meltaguns hoping to put every thing on that tyrant Jaws kills the tyrant rolling a six on it to suck him in the melta guns take out the guard but hear is were I really fail 4 meltaguns and sixteen bolters in to the genestealers and only three died all my missles brung the trygon down to one wound(stupid venom) I didnt think the venom thrope was in range this round so I Didnt bother wasting my awesome missles at it. okay his turn three this is the secont to last turn for time reasons. he charges the long fangs with his gene stealers ignoring the grey hunters he kills all but one the try gon and gaunts charge in to thegrey hunters with the multi charge and kill 8 then I strike back power fist to the face of the trygons last wound and then I owned all the gaunts. The final turn the remaining grey hunters stumble over and rapid fire the crap out of th e genestealers and so did the squads that used to be with the priest killing all bu one we called the game all he had left was a venomthrope and a genestealer and all I had left were some jaws priest and some left over grey hunters. I forgot to mention the doom of malantai came down and sucked the souls out of a few long fangs before the genstealers charged and killed a marine with its large blast scattering. Well thats my story and dont forget to subscribe Im sorry for any spelling errors.

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MarneusCalgar123 (Over a year ago): - delete
That sounded like alot of fun. Powerfist to the face!

Greystoke (Over a year ago): - delete
It will be better with the visuals added. The detail in the description is pretty good;easy to get a sense of what is happening.

Draigo (Over a year ago): - delete
Yea I made a slide show accutually a couple slideshows and matt took them down he said its not a video or an article

zijn4357 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hi there, did you found the solution to insert pictures from photobucket, it could be a great addition for your next content (it's is not a surprise that people prefer to have a look at a content with a video or pictures than just a text). Long black text and no pictures are difficult to read( especially in the morning lol ). Concerning your battle repport, sorry I don't know what to say because I've not played yet (still in the painting phase)and then I don't understand all the rules.
Best regards and may the Emperor be with you.

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a rundown on my battle last friday

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