Baby Orc Wyvern Sculpt.

Orcs and Goblins are by far my favourite army in the Warhammer world. I do love lizardmen, but the lunacy of the Orcs and Goblins have me far too amused for my own good. Also they are a horde army and I love lots and lots of itty bitty models.

My love of Orcs and goblins definitely cover the Snotling range. I simply adore snotlings. However, I try to give my snotling bases some sort of character a theme if you will. I do not usually put more than five snotters on a base because I make them into mini dioramas. Snotlings, by the various fluff of the various Orcs and Goblins text's (O&G for now as I am sick of writing it out) Indicate they are mimics of their larger cousins. The books also say they are often accompanied by various creatures from around the camps. I have tried to embrace this concept. I have bases with Warmaster wolves and boars as pups and piglets, tiny squigs, bats, rats, frogs, lizards.... anything that would work. Even a few bases of Snotlings getting into mischief.

But one of my greatest accomplishments has been the baby wyvern that was somehow shepherded into battle with the snotlings.

The following is a pictorial progress of my bitty wyvern.

An Image

I did not have too much of a plan to begin with really. I used a paperclip frame held together with wads of greenstuff in a rough lizardy shape. Might have actually been trying to construct a squig, I forge exactly. But in the end, it screamed wyvern to me, so I let my heart do what it wanted.

Basic Body.

An Image
Basic body structure.
An Image
Basic body with a lower jaw platform. This was where it really started to talk to me.
An Image
I mauled onto it a tail barb... I used brown stuff and honestly, it did not work out. This was replaced later. What I started to decide was to get something similar to the metal wyvern model to keep it looking right with the army. Note to be noticed. I do not have a recent wyvern in my army. I want one, just yet to get around to it.

Wing Structure
An Image
Wings Top side

Wing frame was built with a simple bend of paper clips and greenstuff to try to h old the wing frame together. I rolled out greenstuff between two plastic bags powdered with talcum powder. I roughly cut out the shape of the wing in the greenstuff after a short bit of time had passed, and dabbed super blue on the underside of the wing frame (that's the bowed side) and carefully connected membrane to wing. I then, do not laugh at me, used a lubricated condom (because I did not have finger cots or water based lube) to smooth out the wing and give it a bit of shape and to not get finger prints. I then hung it off a lamp to cure over night.

An Image

An Image
At some point I attached the baby wyvern to a cork and I posed it here with the wing. This should give you some idea of size of wyvern.

An Image
Face is coming along. Body is more full.
An Image
Closer detail of face. My work is pretty rough yet.

An Image
Ohai Thar be a wing. You can see the scales a bit on the back of the wyvern's leg, I will explain those shortly.
An Image
Wing arm meat added, scales explained.

The simplest method I found was to make little balls of the brown stuff, using the end of a small drill bit and a dot of superglue, I attached the putty on the back and flattened it giving it a slight nudge with a dental tool. The scales took hours to do. My first few were quite rough, but as I went along I figured out how it would work best and in the end, the results were decent.

An Image
Two wings
An Image
Very rough looking back side.....
An Image
I replaced the tail barb with a better looking piece of carved scrap sprue.
An Image
I redid the chest muscles. I did not like how I had them before so I attempted to make it look a but more heavier and powerful.
An Image
Scales going up the back neck and over the wing shoulders.
An Image
Back view
An Image
A penny in the back.
An Image
added details of wing bones on the underside of wing, did a fair amount of scraping to smooth greenstuff around the hand of the wing.
An Image
Claw tips added to wing finger tips.
An Image
Sculpted base using greenstuff and the billy mays putty. Likely even some of my hallways floor tiles. They were busy disintegrating while the building management didn't do anything about it. So I use the bits in my models.

An Image

Nope no step by step. I have a thing for purple. The blue needs work. I've yet to decide how to fix the blue scales, but for the most part, not too bad.

An Image
Finished Baby Wyvern
An Image
Baby Wyvern and Snotling friends.

It took me about a week or two to complete the model. I hopefully will get around to explaining my various tools and sundry,

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Beavis002 (Over a year ago): - delete
that looks amazing 100/5 u could be a pro lol u could sculpt for GW ur that good

Chaos-Ruler (Over a year ago): - delete
Awesome work!

khorne-rules1414 (Over a year ago): - delete
Dude your one of the best sculper i'v ever seen! Wy don't you sculp for GW!

Sunstar (Over a year ago): - delete
@natt85: That would be interesting and I can visualise how it would look, but I really wanted to create something from scratch. You should see my "hybrids" I'll post those later (Wolf + rat Ogre).

dustinp (Over a year ago): - delete
Looks really nice, good job.

Lethaos (Over a year ago): - delete
nice sculpting! you are realy good!

DaOrkDaBoss (Over a year ago): - delete
nice green stuff work

zijn4357 (Over a year ago): - delete
nicely scuplted ^^

natt85 (Over a year ago): - delete
u should have used a vargulf body and a cold one head-ive seen it done befor[good work thoe looks great]

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Sculpting a baby wyvern from greenstuff while trying to keep the spirit of the "adult" wyverns.

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