awsome space marines list

i keep loosing to the guy with this army list (he is 9 years of age)

this list is epic I cant beat maybe because i do not have landrader

Captain Catio-sacarus accompanied by 5 tactical's
librarian in terminator amour accompanied by 5 man terminator squad

2 10 man Tactical squads with flamers and rocket launchers 1 with rhinos
5 strong scout squad with bolt pistol heavy bolter power sword and shotguns
5 man tactical squad (as mentioned above)
drop pod
terminator squad (as mentioned above)
dreadnought with multi melta and storm bolter

Fast attack
assault squad 5 strong with power fist and 2 plasma pistols

Heavy support
land raider with storm bolter heavy bolter (twin linked)and 2 twin liked lascannons
2 devastator squads 10 man strong for each squad one with 4 heavy bolter's and the other with lascannons

leave in comments any ideas for countering this has to be for space marines army's

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hthehidden (Over a year ago): - delete
How Does he use them, also what army do you have and what do you have in that army.

Lord-immortal (Over a year ago): - delete
Wait, in the "5 man tactical squad (as mentioned above)" does that mean they have a flamer and a missile launcher. If so that's uber illegal. And depending on how the devastator squad is kitted out they may be illegal also.

ComminsarVactionEight (Over a year ago): - delete
what do you play?

ComminsarVactionEight (Over a year ago): - delete
Pie plates, Lascannons , lots of shots of template suff of goodness, More Metal Box's Rhinos- preds - landraiders.

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i keep loosing to the guy with this army list i (he is 9 years of age)

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