Austin's Benchmark: Episode 3

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IrishSkillz (Over a year ago): - delete
It's the responsibility of every wargamer to SHOWER and apply deodorant and/or antiperspirant before coming down for a game at your local shop.

connorshaw-case (Over a year ago): - delete
love the vlogs and i quit GW and moved over to warmachine and hordes

tukezu (Over a year ago): - delete
great vlogs! keep 'em coming it helps me to paint my armys!
And I play 40k whit space marines and FaBa whit Orcs & Goblins

midas (Over a year ago): - delete
Warmachine + Infinity here

I try to source as much from my locals as possible, but keep it reasonable. Like in a bar, you can't just visit the place for the pickels, you should buy some drinks as well. The store provides resources: a comfy gathering place, gaming table and players. If I wanted to be cheap, I'd play online, vassal games are practically free.

Carathay (Over a year ago): - delete
My thoughts on local store purchasing is that it is a two way street. The store has the responsibility to be well managed and have a business model that works. A guy who rents s storefront, puts up some tables and a few shelves of overpriced stuff and expects you to pay $3 for a soda doesn't have that. A good store is organzing tournaments to encourage loyalty and community, making sure to diversy (Comics, Magic/etc., maybe books) and leveraging their distributor power for me, handling things like special orders. They can also offer things that cost them little, like paiting or terrain workshops, to encourage those local purchases. My store has a discount card that gives you 10% of what you spent as credit on your next purchase (or you can bank it up for something big). It saves me money and enourages me to come in again to spend that credit. And, they're smart - it's on cash only purchases, so it saves them the stupid bank fees. Absolute win-win.
The more I feel at home in the shop, the more I want to purchase things there. Plus, buying local does so much for your community, that it can really be worth the extra cash, which is usually not that much once shipping or minimum orders come into play.
And, if I really wanted to be cheap, I'd have picked another hobby.
Ultimately, a good store makes me want to shop there, gaming or otherwise.
I can get just about anything cheaper online. This is not just a gaming store problem, and some of the store owners need to realize it. Just opening the doors and expecting the money to roll in doesn't work for anyone anymore. When ANY local store does their job, they get my business.

Kolonel Kraig (Over a year ago): - delete
I have often thought of opening a gaming shop, but the scenario I see does not support the venture. I always see several gamers playing and maybe one or two buying a coke. I understand the average gamer is not loaded with money but it sure seems like if you are going to be opening a gaming store, you do it for the love of the hobby and not to make a profit.

There was a store in Albuquerque that had an awesome idea. The name of the place was ~ yes was ~ Active Imagination. These guys were ambitious and bought out a closed down movie theater. They would have gamer related movies playing on some screens for free. Other theaters they converted into big tournament rooms. They would have video gaming competitions where the players were competing against each other using the movie screens as their monitors. You could walk from theater room to room watch the different players. It was awesome.

They sold food and had a grill that was left over from the old snack bar. The prices were reasonable. I would say about 90% of the players would bring fast food into the place%u2026. It only lasted three months and the owner went bankrupt.

I agree you should not purchase just to purchase but the entertainment that is being provided should be considered. There would be 100 gamers in there and I would not see a single purchase for hours.
I really thing the only way to make money these days at battle gaming is the MWG approach ~ internet and the store front is there to add to the business not support it.

McOtto (Over a year ago): - delete
First off let me say love your blog.
I play 40k orks for about two years now, got in the hobby with a friend (we shared Assault on Black Reach). I have the same issue as you mentioned, there is only one local game store, but i do not feel the need to keep the afloat, if i have a larger order i'll do it online. The guys were kind of stand off-ish when i got into the hobby so i go there just for an occasional game and to buy paints or an model here and there. The painting aspect of the hobby is about 70% of the fun for me anyway, allthough i might be just telling myself that, since my work scedule keeps me away from gaming alot. What can i say it's mostly watching battle reports for me

BlackStone (Over a year ago): - delete
BlackStone Space Marine Chapter (Dark Angels) successor Deathwing Army. I like the deathwing because I can field upto 30 terminators without using a Elite or Heavy Support choice.colour scheme Black, Gold, and Mordian Blue.

lordkabal (Over a year ago): - delete
It's strange as in the GW stores I dont buy as i can get it cheaper elsewhere ie other stores and online plus they make enuff money from the kids.
If we had a store then I wud support it in sum ways but over here in the uk you don't see many tbh.
Problem with stores is they cant stock everything which is fine hence online they seem to BUT I warn ppl some online stores LIE about there stock biggest 1 is maelstrom as I know of many ppl who have waited over 3 weeks+ on average for there models they PAID for.
Systems I play are Horemachine, FSA, Dystopian Wars and just the occasional 40k and soon ih
Hope to be playing FoW

Raymeous (Over a year ago): - delete
Store and customer relations issue...

I buy equally from online and from my local store. Fortunately the local shop has a pretty good selection, so I can usually find what I'm looking for. For those times when they don't have something I'm looking for its usually a good thing since I'm probably buying it on impulse anyway! Ha ha!

If a player feels obligated to buy something from the store as a thank you for the space to play thats fine. It doesn't mean that you have to go overboard and spend $50 every time you go through the door. Don't kill your finances! Believe me it's easy to do as you well know. "OOOOOoo I need one of those!"

Most hobby shops are small and appreciate any business you give them so even a $5 purchase of paints or replacing that old ratty brush of yours is a good thing. If you can afford to drop a chunk of change on some hobby stuff great, but don't feel "guilted" into it.

Raymeous (Over a year ago): - delete
Good luck on that Man-O-War costume, and there is now way we are going to let you get away with this without seeing some pictures. Juuuuust sayin' =)

As for the games I play...


Imperial Guard, The52nd Glaskin - 2100pts - Classic Cadian color scheme.

Space Marines, as of yet unnamed chapter (usually fielded as Space Wolves) - 6200pts - Steel body armor with copper trim and red tabards ala Dark Angels

Tyranids, Hive Fleet Carcharodon - 5300pts - Black body with bone carapace

Ogre kingdoms - 1200pts (I bought these more for the models and haven't settled on Chaos or Pirate theme yet)

Circle Orboros - 80pts (Have yet to play but I really like the models, oh and its all MWGs fault)


lonestar (Over a year ago): - delete
I play: Warhammer 40K (Orks and Imperial Guard), Firestorm Armada (Terran Alliance), and so to start, Dystopian Wars (Russian Coalition).

dabigun (Over a year ago): - delete
i think that the store will make money if they have people in it even if one dosn't buy not every week people can buy so it will come when they have money or a deal

dabigun (Over a year ago): - delete
austin you are doing a great job here! i play 40k orks tring to get in to other games just not sure what yet

Prophet (Over a year ago): - delete
I play Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, and Warmachine/Hordes. My Fantasy army is Ogre Kingdoms, 40k CSM and Blood Angels, and thinking about starting Orks. For WM/H I have Menoth, Khador, Circle and Legion.

tavaritj (Over a year ago): - delete
Omilord, Id pay just to see a man-o-war costume - let alone your sexy self in it! Only play warmachine, gonna start hordes soon as well. Making my own undead themed mercenary list. Just basic stuff, exchanging heads to skeleton ones and painting pale skin. I usually order stuff from wayland games, but Ive been screwed over so many times. If there was an alternative even close to as cheap as they are, I would go for it directly. Extreme lack of customer retention management. Friendly support, but really doesnt make up for it. Since I order most of my stuff from the internet, Ive played in stores in which I havent bought anything. Always felt stores gain more from having people coming in all the time, even if they dont buy stuff there. More people bring in other people, that might buy stuff. Free advertisement!

Blackstar (Over a year ago): - delete
AWSOME vlog I play 40k fantasy and war machine

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