Army Painter QuickShade

The army painter dip range involves a small 250 ml tub of a form of varnish. Not just ANY varnish. There are three shades; light, dark & strong, which give different tone to your models.

Light tone is especially good at creating a fine, modulated shadow around the model. This is to be applied to light-coloured models such as some of the cygnar warmachine mechs, or some models with lighter parts, such as wings of the sanguinary guard. This gives a fine hint of gloss which can be removed at a later stage. This requires anti-shine matt varnish which will be reviewed later.

Dark tone is for models with very dark colours and gives slightly heavier shadows and outlines, such as for dark eldar, world war two companies (preferably NOT THE LIGHT-BLUE NIGHTFIGHTING GERMAN PILOTS!) and blood angel predators. This gives a medium hint of gloss which can be removed at a later stage. This requires anti-shine matt varnish which will be reviewed later.

Finally, Army Painter recommend the strong tone to anyone who is uncertain which tone to use! They can be applied to any model. The heavily emboss your model and make it look like something you never seen before with any varnish. The varnish, like all of them, seeps into the cracks of your models such as forehead contours of space marines, under soldier’s arms, in the grooves of tank treads and so much more. This is the all-rounder that we’re using on the World War Two tank in the video.

The Army Painter have two ways of applying this. First off is the splash-on technique. SHAKE THE TUB LIGHTLY TO MIX THE QUICKSHADE, BUT NOT TOO VIGOROUSLY AS BUBBLES WITH FORM! Crack it open, and then using the Army Painter basecoat brush, dip the bristles into the tub and let the strong tone get absorbed into it. The army painter brushes are phenomenal at retaining any liquid with out loosing any of it by it just dripping off. With the brush, splash on your strong tone and spread it about. You’ll find that droplets hand from your model. This means you HAVEN’T spread it out enough and it’s just sitting on the model. Don’t let this dry, spread it over the model! Coat your model fully with this and set to dry.

Ugh… Brushing this stuff? Why not just dip in in the dip?! Sounds rather straight forward, but here’s how to. Grab your figure with pliers and dip it into the quickshade. Be SURE that it can fit before dipping. This could be a disaster if it was partially dipped, and the end result would be half a shaded product! Finally, shake this excess back into the tub, just enough so that the dip that is sitting just slides off, and not the whole dip, as this will have minimal effect.

Still can’t find a method that suits you? Won’t the model fit into the tub? Why not just spray it on!? Load it into your spray gun or airbrush to quickshade in seconds. There’s no need to thin it as it’s thinner than paint. A suitable way we thought it compares is to the viscosity of humbrol enamels.

Overall? A really good varnish that sits well and has a great overall finish. Get this over Testor’s Modelling Varnish, it’s much better.

Thanks to for the free supplies.

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Jaimie (Over a year ago): - delete
@AlbertWoods: The shiny one! But the shine can be removed with Army Painter's Antimatt Varnish

AlbertWoods (Over a year ago): - delete
i cant tell which has the coat on it at the end... is it the really shiny one???

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Another tutorial from, official reviewers of The Army Painter!

In this episode, Qasim and Jaimie quickshade a tank to highlight how essential this product is.

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