Archaon meets Nurgle-N-Pals!!

Ok, so I know this goes against all fluff and what not, but here is the Archaon that I will use, if not now, then very soon for my Warriors of Chaos army. Yes, he has a little bit of the plague spread upon him, but its just a lil. Absolutely love the model, and Finecast is really beautiful stuff. The details are wonderful.
I did have a difficult time with the hood but I think it came out ok. Feel free to comment, bash and what have you. For those of you waiting to see the painted stuff...well...just hang tight. Im in the process of moving and will be a little low on funds for a while, but I promise, this army will be painted. And painted damn well. Happy wargamming kids!

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Tzollo25's Avatar Author: Tzollo25
Added: August 12, 2011
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Just a little bit of green stuff to the already awesome Archaon.

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