Apocalypticon Update

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Shinkiro (Over a year ago): - delete
shame i live in the UK
Aegis (Over a year ago): - delete
Is the AC one of the cool perks?

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Tetrahc (Over a year ago): - delete
Need to win the lottery to afford to get to Apocalypticon
Olinser (Over a year ago): - delete
@dick biggerstaff - First off, by definition, in Apocalypse you don't have to conform to force organization, so elite/troop/fast attack/heavy support are completely irrelevant - you can bring 50 Land Raiders if you have the models.

Second, that is actually a terrible Apocalypse list. With the proliferation of Destroyer weapons, one Destroyer pie plate and every model takes an invulerable save or dies (no FNP from Apocathary either). For 700 points your opponent can field Warhound with two Destroyer weapons that will rip your Paladins apart. Then add in the massive amount of heavy weapons always fielded in Apocalypse that let you have no armor save, no feel no pain, and your Paladins won't last more than a turn or two - they'll certainly never get into close combat.

Even disregarding how vulnerable they are, you can't hurt an AV14 vehicle at range (i.e. the Titan blowing you away), without a rend on a Psycannon. With hitting 2/3 of shots, and rending 1/6, that means only 1 out of 9 shots will penetrate - so a full squad with 4 Psycannons will score MAYBE 1 penetrating hit a turn while on the move, and MAYBE 2 while stationary - not exactly a good way to bring down a Titan, Land Raiders or Leman Russes.
Navcom3 (Over a year ago): - delete
There are a few of us in the UK that would love to come, its a shame that we cannot. Perhaps if we all got some funds together we could ship out the MWG team to Blighty and do a UK Version. Or maybe there already is one? If so let me know I would travel a couple of hours to attend.
CrashCanuck (Over a year ago): - delete
I love that this happens pretty much in my backyard
SnotzerMcGinty (Over a year ago): - delete
I want to go but I'm all the way in Ireland
Maybe next year
wehttam (Over a year ago): - delete
so want to play sounds oresome id bring my 10000 points of imperialfists. thunder hawk gunships rule just got one today shame im in england
rex537 (Over a year ago): - delete
i realy want to go but i live in in england so i dont think my parents will let me go all the way over there just for a game of warhammer 40k
blademeister (Over a year ago): - delete
I wish I could come! I will most likely be on vacation though
Instinctual (Over a year ago): - delete
Hope to make it to this event some day, maybe a graduation present to myself if I ever get that PhD (4 more years....ugh)
dick biggerstaff (Over a year ago): - delete
Okay just did the math on all the up grades. The Paladin comand squad and the Paladin elite squad will have 4Incinerators per sqaud, 9 falchions and a brotherhood banner. Thats 360 pts. The 6 troop Paladins will have 4 Psycannons and brotherhood banner per squad. All 10 will have one Apothecary with narthecium for 750pts and all Paladins wepoens will be master crafted for 1,000pts. So 2,740pts in upgrades onto of the 5,725pts. for a total of 8,465pts, and there is still heavy suport,and fast attack to think about.@dick biggerstaff:
dick biggerstaff (Over a year ago): - delete
I'm in Texas and wish I could but the USA economy is in the crapper..... ......but if I could it would be LORD DRAIGO with 10 man comand sqaud of Paladins, Three 10 man eliet Paladins squads and Six 10 man troop Paladins for a grand total(without up grades) of 5,725pis. Loves the lord of Titan rule for Apocallips games!!!!!
scotzy1995 (Over a year ago): - delete
sounds like a great event, saw last years and hoping that, although only have about 1500 points, will have enough for next year or the year after... just got to paint them
necromaticwolf (Over a year ago): - delete
boy do i wish i could join in this, i have 14,700 points of necrons without using any upgrades. Only about 6,000 of it is built though and only about 4,000 is painted. plus i haven't built any elites yet. Next year though the necrons will rise
thayvian (Over a year ago): - delete
I'm in tennessee but I'm giving serious thought to coming. My condition is that Dave stop mixing with lesser armies and return to his proper place at the right hand of the skull throne.
Carathay (Over a year ago): - delete
P.S. I really wish I could come, even if just to watch or volunteer, but family commitments and such....
Carathay (Over a year ago): - delete
I love it - they're required to be assembled. I can just see someone trying to fight with an army still on the sprues. I guess when they die, you'd have to clip them off. "OK, he's dead, but I haven't decided which left arm I'm using yet...."
Nystall4417 (Over a year ago): - delete
I WANT TO GO SO BAD. but i cant i live in US and cant aford to go there since im 14 :"( bohoo MAKE LOTS OF VIDEOS
DaemonMaster (Over a year ago): - delete
cool cant wait too see it
Killbybean123 (Over a year ago): - delete
Shame I live in the UK
And what's the age limit
micheja (Over a year ago): - delete
unfortunatly cant play, but man it sounds awsome
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