apocalypse necron force 3000 points

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ok so as you can see there are very many warriors. these are so amazing. yah 18 points but still they are awesome. whe the new book comes out im getting it right away.

anyway to the stategy for this list.

so heres whats happening. lay out the warriors in the front in blocks of 20. yes blocks in probably rows of 5 or 6. make sure to spread them out. then attach the lords with the res orbs on the two inside or outsid squads making sure all squad are in the orbs range. the destroyer lord is going with the 10 scarab squad. put them on the flank and turbo boost first turn for the 2+ cover save. stay away fom flamers. do the same with the squad of 5 on the other flank. the destroyers are going just behind the warriors maybe show them through the warriors so they get cover from most stuff. the heavy destroyers are basically the same thing but they are important you keep the squads neer eachother so they can benefit from well be back because against most armies a lascannon is very affective and you dont want to waste them. the monoliths will stay just behind the warrior squads on the outsides just behind the warriors.

if any squads that you feal you need are locked up in combat (a squad of 20 warriors for example) use the portal from the monolith the pull them out. then usually youd want to bblast them away with the squads shooting. if im ever at a loss i just think, "theyd be locked up anyway so if i get to shoot them, why not" and i shoot the squad pulled though the monolith at the squad. not many things can take afull shooting from a squad of 20 warriors. not even vehicles. the "about average" is somewhere from 3-6 glancing hits so that can do alot of damage. but every turn, move up 6" until your kinda close to the enemy. that way, they are scared of you shooting them and it might star forcing them back. or if they take a brave approuch and get close take a round of shooting and charge just pull them through a monolith and get more stuff to shoot if they didnt already die.

now for assets since this is a apocalypse game. theres an asset called reconstruction scarabs. its basically means a squad a turn (yes one every turn, it can be different each turn) that well be backs on a 2+ and counts as being in range of a ress orb. awesome! another one thats probably second priority is reinforcements. it lets you bring back a squad at full strength. yes you could bring back and emporor class titan if you were a imperial player with it. but in this army, a monolits or a 20 man squad of warriorors is probably your best bet. ok so that is my list. tell me what you think. plz ask questions about clarification if anything doesnt make sense or if you think something would work better, worse, anythng. im open to comments.

So plz RATE and

P.S. sorry for all the writing but thank you to those who took the time to read it.

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Gorefangz (Over a year ago): - delete

Gorefangz (Over a year ago): - delete

Gorefangz (Over a year ago): - delete
um well idk where you get your information from but yes it is JUST APOCALYPSE!!!$!!!!
3000 or more is apocalypse

jamosoma (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey! This is great!! Although I'm a long way off 3000pts. And, just saying, it can't be over 3000 points. Or is that just Apocalypse?

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heresa quick necron list i made up but if used properly could be soooooo annnoying to face.

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