Apocalypse Battle Report: Chaos vs Tyranids (rematch) Part 3

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imccalder (Over a year ago): - delete
It's available from Forge World, Stephen. www.forgeworld.com

StephenLegoKing (Over a year ago): - delete
where can i get the barbed herodualer

Dread-Knight (Over a year ago): - delete
@LEGION3000: Emergency disembark: if the doors are covered you can deploy anywhere thats unblocked within 2 inches of the hull when ur wrecked. Matt was also being nice because there wasnt enough room for the chosen so they should've died.

jgpwnage (Over a year ago): - delete
@LEGION3000: small bases are less than 1" in diameter ergo you can deploy over them

LEGION3000 (Over a year ago): - delete
I'm pretty sure those marines on Dave's left flank should have been destroyed when their rhino was destroyed because all the doors were surrounded. You have to deploy within 2" of a door but it has to be at least 1" from an enemy. If there is an enemy model sitting right off the rhino door, 1"base + 1" control zone =2" = can't deploy, unit destroyed.

Robal (Over a year ago): - delete
They don't. He is 'just' rolling a 4+ for every beacon. And I think you can get a number of them. 1 d3 or somethin? Don't quote me on that, I don't have the books at hand right now..

It looks really close this time. The Chaos wall is really hard to break. Only chance Matt have is try to contest and get every other objectiv.

Ruagguar (Over a year ago): - delete
Blargh! Puny 5000 point armies! What's up with 'endless swarm', anyway? It sounds like a cheatcode...

Henners (Over a year ago): - delete
blargh where're parts 4+? :/ x

Da-Ork-Boss (Over a year ago): - delete
Great battle! I hope they will post the rest of the battle soon. Ten bucks on the Chaos side.

maamets (Over a year ago): - delete
Look at the amount of models. Pure awesomeness.

As I dont like fluff wise neither the tyranids nor the chaos then I'm happy that one of them is going to be buttkicked. Muahahaha!

thundrchickn (Over a year ago): - delete
so...wheres the rest of the fight. I bet matt lost it.

willhman (Over a year ago): - delete
it says that if all the orks banded together they would take over the galaxie but how would they do that wen their is the eye of terror i would think they might be reppelled there?

kavika0311 (Over a year ago): - delete
So this is what would happen if a Hive Fleet made it to the Eye of Terror.

Kervin (Over a year ago): - delete
How do you end up getting 4 of those beacons? And I really don't think if you can get 4 they don't stack.

Skarshak (Over a year ago): - delete
@warguy132: Waaaagh! GO Orkz!
Bring on part 4

GlitchyFinnigan (Over a year ago): - delete
Blood for the blood god! Milk for the khorne flakes!

JaceBeleren (Over a year ago): - delete
Matt: I told you I will be bringing a few Tyranids.

John: You should have brought more.

Ten points to anyone who knows this reference.

warguy132 (Over a year ago): - delete
Spoiler: Orks Win. Cause they always win. Even when they're not fighting.

gbateman150 (Over a year ago): - delete

xTHExWIZxKIDx (Over a year ago): - delete

chaoswargamer22 (Over a year ago): - delete
go chaos!... again!

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With an endless swarm of 200 gaunts, and several monstrous creatures, does Chaos really stand a chance?

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