lemons chaos army. finally!

hi there --Edit:i played my first game the other day so when i talk about killing stuff and ect thats what im refering to--edit 2: at the tim of writing this the pics wernt on a slide show but didnt work so there might be me refereint to a pic below text thats nolonger there--. since Ive nearly (1 or 2 minor things to go over) i thought i would post some pictures. most or this is AoBR stuff exept my chaos lords, spreaking of which I havent yet used my sorceror in battle but my khorne lord destroy an entire unit of orks with his blood feeder in in one go but then next go it wounded him and he was left defenceless lol. you cant have an army without troops. here s mine to be honest they did sod all. they took out 4 ork boys between them all. now for my iron worriors terminators i didnt use them i my match either. they would probably been helpfull against the deff coptas. the thing that im most proud of is my dreadnaught my dread was my first time using green stuff. in battle it didnt get to do much becuase it kept getting shaken and it lost its melta straight away. it did get to charge a mob of boys though and they couldent attack back. leave comments and rate plz... or the chaos gods will eat all your food.....and then eat you. lol

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funnyfoodguy (Over a year ago): - delete

matteuse (Over a year ago): - delete
wow... awesome

lemonreaper (Over a year ago): - delete
it was the first time i worked with green stuff. i should have shown the back. theres spore chinmeys and ect on it lol

Darethus (Over a year ago): - delete
the dread was ok

VuneAlpha12345 (Over a year ago): - delete
Yet again Chaos gets first comment

chaosmarine57 (Over a year ago): - delete

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lemonreaper's Avatar Author: lemonreaper
Added: December 29, 2009
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a quick look at my painted assualt on black reach kit converted to chaos and my green stuff converted nurgle dread :)

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