Warhammer 40k Path to Glory Khorne vs Slaanesh Convergence of Anarchea - Ep 5 The Wailing Tempest

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Published on: Mar 27, 2019

The battle raged on, as attrition slowly, but steadily ground away at the warbands below. Belatos watched from the clouds, his vast, winged, multi-headed form cloaked in a miasma of shrieking souls. As the warbands savagely butchered each other below for his amusement, the daemon felt his entertainment begin to dwindle. The lines were parting. Both forces were starting to withdraw... and Belatos felt... sorely disappointed.

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Battle Reports


ARMIES: Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons

SHOW: Path to Glory Khorne vs Slaanesh

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