Ultramarines Captain in Terminator Armor

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Published on: Mar 17, 2016

A classic miniature I painted for an old friend.

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other

ARMIES: Space Marines

Hey Guys!

This time I want to show you a miniature I painted for a good friend. He used to collect Space Marines too, and had this metal classic lying around. When I asked him if I could paint it he was happy to give it to me. I decided to paint him as an Ultramarine because I am most experienced with this coulour scheme.

An Image

I had to put some large rocks onto the models base, since the old metal miniatures are a bit short and seem quite puny when standing next to the more recent plastic Terminators. Since this was supposed to be the leader of an army, he had to look suitably imposing after all!
All in all the miniature was quite fun to paint and offers lots of detail. I also like the pose a lot and I find the stormbolter is an especially awesome looking sculpt on this one.

So that's it! Please let me know what you think and feel free to leave a comment! Until next time!

Happy Wargaming!
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