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Typhus, Herald Of Nurgle Cosplay!

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Published on: Feb 12, 2018

Here it is! The fruit of Father Nurgle's Labor! I started on this on January 14th and finished by January 30th and I am so proud to have it finished that quickly! Normally I am a tyrannic player at heart, but death guard always spoke to me as a secondary army and I am showing my enthusiasm for them!

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Fun Randomness

ARMIES: Chaos Space Marines

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That moment when you realize, "Oh yeah, I do have a Miniwargaming account. Maybe I should share this there."

SO this started last year around November-ish when I did my unboxing for the Typhus, Herald of Nurgle model I had picked up on my trip to an event in South Carolina when I really became dedicated to building this costume. I was working on a gene stealer cult magus costume at the time which due to other responsibilities fell on the back burner for a time and I had not even started on this build at that point.

I made a goal. I wanted to have the Typhus costume ready by katsucon (a big cosplay convention in Maryland). The only issue with that was I didn't find the time to start on this until January 14th(to be precise). However, I had already put my mind to it, so I did the grind and I finished it by January 30th. That was all while working around my day job, and building the power scythe at the same time. I believe I have at least 80 hours of work put into this and I am so proud of it. Even though some of the proportions are off haha.

My local gaming group also want to attend Nova Open later this year, and I really want to take this there and show it off! Maybe even meet miniwargamer Dave and have him sign my armor! but one thing at a time.
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