Timelapse of Building a Power Station Necromunda / Armageddon Table

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Overmind333 (7 months ago): - delete
Awsome idea to show this work, thx

Draad (7 months ago): - delete
How long in real time ?

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kjelli421 (6 months ago): - delete
Awesome! love it, what would be amazing if you could take the diffrent tarriain and tell us where you got it from !

Niramen (7 months ago): - delete
i would love to play on that table =)

gReaper (7 months ago): - delete
more necrogedden

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MiniWarGaming's Avatar Author: MiniWarGaming
Added: May 15, 2017
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Watch in super high speed as Matthew sets up a power station for our upcoming Armageddon/Necromunda narrative campaign.

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