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Published on: Jul 13, 2017

Best Decision you will ever make

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other

Joining the vault isn't just away that helps MiniWarGameing fund there awesome battle reports and how tos. But also allows you as the viewer to become a part of a community of gamers. through the comments you can learn new ideas for your army or other armies that other people play. I personally have been a vault member since 2011 and have learned a crap load from all the videos they post. i personally play Tyranids and follow Mathew's videos because he plays them very well, and in watching his battle reports i have learned new tactics in my army, but also learned how other armies fair against mine. If you read this as a vault member back me up because you know its true, if not i can almost be certain that you will become one if you try it.
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