Sit and Talk with Steve December 30 2016

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Krothu (4 months ago): - delete
First of all thank you for all the great content you and the rest of the MiniWarGaming team have put out this year. Especially the great narretive campaigns and all the fun stuff you all do.

As a question I'd like to know what happend to the open vault series or show. Has it just fallen off the to do list or is there no time? Maybe it doesnt have as many views anymore?

You might have awnserd this before, but how did you and Dave get to know eachother and how did you come up with the entire idea of MiniWarGaming? And has it lived up to your expectations?

FrickinPeanuts (4 months ago): - delete

I loved the deathwatch campaign. Especially the item generator. After generating items over and over again I noticed that there was a lot of necron and eldar weapons. How did you decide what weapons could be generated and would you ever put in more options? Maybe some chapter specific weapons like a dark angel corvus hammer or other more special imperial weapons?
Louie (4 months ago): - delete
This is a question about Malifaux.
I wrote to MWG @ Facebook about this and I got the reply "Previously Matt didn't like the models", does that mean this has changed now? Is it time for Malifaux on your channel anytime soon? Would be amazing to see it regularly by some great content-creators!

If not, why?
Rumpdebump (4 months ago): - delete
@ Matt
Who in the office will most likely acquire the new Sisters of Battle when the new models drop in the beginning of the new year?
19Kais88 (4 months ago): - delete
Hey matt, i'd just like to say I 'm a big fan of the show and all the content you upload especially the narrative campaigns. I was just wondering why we don't see much of a Tau army being used in your batreps, I only say this as my main force is Tau. Also where did Quirk and Dave get there custom made dice? as I'd really like a set and I'm having trouble finding places to make them. Keep up the good work for the greater good

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IceBruin (4 months ago): - delete
Hey Matt,

Any chance we'll get to hear you make those hilarious pet noises from the Deathwatch campaign in future batreps?
monkeymadness67 (4 months ago): - delete
Hello Matt, if you could have one physic power from any discipline for everyday use, what would it be?

Thank You for all your amazing content that gets me through the day!
axis762 (4 months ago): - delete
At the time of this my third question there are 66 question/comments. You're going to have to talk fast.

I have a RAW/RAI question. On page 140 & 161 of the Space Marines Codex for both centurions, it has a rule called Decimator Protocols which states that a model with this special rule can fire up to two weapons in its Shooting phase. To me that implies that each assault centurion could fire their twin-linked flamers/meltas twice then assault. Each devastator centurion could fire their twin-linked heavy bolter/lascannon or grav-cannon & amp twice in the shooting phase. I couldn't find an errata/FAQ for it. Is this correct? If so, I don't ever recall seeing this in any batrep anywhere.
mgs88 (4 months ago): - delete
@ Matt

First of all I would like to say thanks to you and all the other guys for all the content you put out each week. I joined miniwargaming as a purely fantasy player but some how I seem to have acquired a few 40k armies & I am now working on a Horus Heresy one. I firmly blame you guys for this haha or most likely my poor will power when it comes to cool looking mini's.

Firstly I just wanted to ask what updates you have on the horus heresy side of things? I seem to remember you mentioning you guys would be adding more forces how is this coming along? Would you ever consider doing the videos that you did at the very begining where you gave progress updates on your armies, explained the reason behind new purchases, talked how you would like the army to play etc?

I also just watched your video released on the 4th of Jan & I had a few ideas for the 10 year celebration.

How about a giant Horus Heresy game? I would love to see all your armies fight it out at once and multiple primarchs go toe to toe.

My other idea was for lack of a better term a MWG employee tournament? I don't mean bring the hardest lists as such but it would be cool to see a MWG champion crowned, which you could possibly bring back every year?

Adso113 (4 months ago): - delete

So, to your point about 8th Edition Fantasy dying eventually: Not if you keep playing it and getting new people into it. Also, there are people that still play 3rd Edition Fantasy. Oldhammer, look it up. I became a vault member specifically because of your Fantasy battle reports. Thanks for those. I appreciate them.
Crazy4394 (4 months ago): - delete
Matt, just wanted to say thanks for this awesome site. You and Dave and the team do a great job and actually got me back into the hobby after a few years out. Though my budget has taken a hit, I have to say I am happier. I had forgotten how relaxing collecting and painting was, such a good stress reliever. I Have been a vault member for about a year now, and plan on staying. Cheers.
Nygoutlaw (4 months ago): - delete

Can we get a new Mordheim campaign where you guys keep using the same armies throughout without much change up, similarly to the HOR kill team campaign you all did? Also, can you participate this time?

tbac1 (4 months ago): - delete
Great work on the space hulk narrative campaign, all of those involved produced a great campaign. Are there any narrative campaigns on the horizon for Horus Heresy, or maybe even a few re-enactments of famous stories/battles?
Charnan (4 months ago): - delete

Thanks for the great content you all in MWG put up. Space Hulk campaign was in my opinion best thing ever. If it was only thing you post whole year I would still pay for vault
Now to my question, in mission where as you said "you can play with Steve's head" witch had 3 pets, and we saw 2 of them transforming. Can you tell us into what the third one was supposed to transform? Happy New Year from Poland
Sam Stanfield (4 months ago): - delete
Hey Matt have you had a look at the new Traitor Legions supplement? Most seem to be loving it but I find the direction the 40k rules are going in confusing. The legions have their own special rules, then their specific detachments have additional special rules, and then all the different formations have a third set of special rules in force as well! It all seems so bloated and unwieldy, but that's the direction the game seems to have gone.
The auxiliary choices you have to bring all seem very restrictive, like 2-4 Heldrakes, and unusable in smaller games, though fortunately you can bring a single spawn as an auxiliary choice. Have you found other armies' detachments to contain many useless formations and taxes as well? And an I right in thinking if I want to take a single Heldrake I'd need to bring it in a CAD?
Sam Stanfield (4 months ago): - delete
Happy New Year Matt! Hope your colleagues and you had a restful holiday. Don't be worrying about your content quantity dropping over the Christmas period, it's to be expected if you all have time off, and I imagine most of your viewers don't mind!
Anyway, was wondering if you've viewed much of the official Games Workshop paid video service and if so, what are your thoughts? I saw one of their battle reports and while their presenters were knowledgeable, I thought the actual battle was poorly shot. And when you consider what MWG puts out in an average week, three shows of content per week doesn't seem like value for money from GW.
Ps any idea how Leland is doing? I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses him!
izob (4 months ago): - delete
Hi Matt

Thank you for doing another Sit n Talk.

Question - Did the MWG website have a search filter for Video Rating (i.e: The number of stars) in the past? A long time ago I remember I could search for videos based on their rating. It was nice to have as you could easily find the top rated videos. Am I mistaken? Would you return or add this search feature in the future?
JuanPanda01 (4 months ago): - delete
Congratulations on a good year, I have enjoyed your videos and am especially hooked on the new BloodBowl season (come on the wood elves)

Having recently got back into the hobby after many years out, what would you recommend for playing blood angels, what would be your first 1000pt list and what are the strengths/Weaknesses?
SpyneKaos (4 months ago): - delete
Matt, Love the work you all do.

What was the first miniatures game you got involved with? What is your favorite? Least Favorite?
orkybenji (4 months ago): - delete
Matt, how can GW fix pyrovores?
OnTheEdge (4 months ago): - delete
@ Matt!
First off, thanks so much for the awesome year that just ended! One question, do you think it would be possible to get your upcoming codex reviews etc. in mp3? Love listening to the sit and talk while at work, would love to be able to do the same with your awesome reviews! Cheers!
rbigness (4 months ago): - delete
Matt - what would you do hobby-wise if you could not play, build, paint, or watch videos for 6 months? Would you go insane?
Peter Gooding (4 months ago): - delete
Hi Matt,

Firstly - Happy New Year to you all, I hope you have a great one. Question: When you and Dave need to have a meeting that is business related where are you most likely to have it - at one of your homes, at Miniwargaming or somewhere else? Have a fantastic rest of your day
Moky (4 months ago): - delete

Do you have a limit on long a guest can play? I live in a Texas so if I took a vacation to go up to Canada I would take a week off to hopefully play a game with everyone at MWG at least once.
Myelin (4 months ago): - delete
@Matthew- How does it feel to be living the dream?
kurtistheword (4 months ago): - delete
Firts of all thnx for all the epic content. The last deathwatch campaign was amazing.
Question, I watched a lot off you nid's battlereports but never have I've seen a harpy, hive Crone or any gargoyels. Is their a reason for this? What do you think about their in game value?
Tech4417 (4 months ago): - delete
Mathew, first off, Happy Holidays/New Years to all the gents at MiniWarGaming, hope you guys continue with your success and thanks for all the great stuff, you guys make my week a blast, both with the Bat Reps and humor.

My question, as I am a relatively new to the Warhammer 30k/Horus Heresy era games, I find your bat reps to be the most entertaining of all those out there, will we see more 30k in the New Year? and will we see more narrative campaigns, and the like from 30k?

Thanks for your time, and for all you guys there, keep up the great work.
fenrirmnb (4 months ago): - delete
hi matt,
so from one matthew to another, what would it take to get some 9th age batreps on mwg. in addition too or in replacement of, the 8th edition batreps that steve is doing now?
louisbell6789 (4 months ago): - delete
Dear Matt.

To start, I am extremely happy with all of the content you create. You put in so much effort to create the best of content.

My question is do you think the orks are a competitive race? If so, in what aspect? If not, how could they be improved. Thanks from Britain.
TheOneLogician (4 months ago): - delete
Matt, love your narrative campaigns, and I wanted to know if you've thought about doing Mini-campaigns. Short, 4 episode series focused on a single character. I really like what you did with the Epilogue for Space Hulk with Jan Jansen, and maybe would like to see more of that. Each episode could be twentish minutes long, which would really help with filming time, and help expand each character's MWG wiki page. Thanks for all you guys do!
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