Sit and Talk with Matthew - Jan 6 2017

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Chirst (7 weeks ago): - delete

You play a lot of Dwarves in fantasy. I've always wanted a dwarf army, but often wonder if they lack some of the big point special/rare monsters. Elves have dragons, empire has steam tanks, vampires have terrorghiests. Do you ever wish the dwarves had some kind of steam golem or big monster? If so what giant monster would you want?

Lallarn (7 weeks ago): - delete
Lee, how tungur is your knifur?
grayarmygaming (7 weeks ago): - delete
To Lee:

Thanks for all of the great work that you do at MWG! Back in 2008 I spent some time in Iceland and I was overwhelmed by the rawness and the sheer beauty of the country. There has been much attention given to how the climate and landscape of Iceland affects music and poetry. I am wondering, however, if your particular Icelandic background and experience has in any way impacted the aesthetics of both your painting and terrain construction as well as your perspective on wargaming in general. In other words, is there a particular Icelandic/Nordic touch that you bring to your work and to MWG? If so, would you be able to elaborate on this?
grayarmygaming (7 weeks ago): - delete

Thanks so much for the great work you do at MWG. I have been really pleased to have you participating in the Old World Wars series.

In the comments section for Old World Wars Ep. 195 posted on YouTube you respond to a particularly impolite comment by a viewer and you remark, "I frankly find [the comment] a bit insulting." It strikes me that there are always people who watch your content who are extremely unfair and rude. My question, therefore, has two parts:

1) How much, in general, do you read and take to heart the comments and feedback you receive about your batreps and work?

2) How do you deal, in particular, with the (inevitable) trolls that come your way? In the case of OWW Ep. 195 it seems like you were a bit affected by the comment. Is this common, or are you for the most part able to ignore the haters?

Pasque (7 weeks ago): - delete
Matt - What I'd like to see in a Narrative campaign is more use of different scales. For example one moment which stuck with me was in a campaign a while ago where a knight was captured by Orks and the pilot had a sub-mission to get to his knight and steal it back.

I'd like to see narratives for individual characters within larger battles, or using things like Kill Team between missions for small scale skirmishes. Occasionally Narrative campaigns turn into "and here's another battle between the same two armies again". So more variety of ways the narrative could be done - maybe even some Inquisitor for exploring a particular moment in the story in more detail. More character development and less just faceless space marines with similar voices.
Gianc22 (7 weeks ago): - delete
@Both Josh and Lee:
Which was your job before working at mwg? How did you get to know mwg? And how long before working there it was?
Also Lee, did you enjoy more gorkamorka or blood bowl?
Keep up the great work you do, you guys are amazing and it's great to see Lee in more vidoes, finally escaping from the leehole in the basement!
Cheers from Italy
Hey, guys! Hope you all had a nice holiday break, I know I did (aka, spending 48 hour spurges of Vault content. No regrets. None.)!

Josh - Who made the Rogal Dorn mini you guys posted on Facebook a few days ago (as I write this, Jan. 6th, current year)? Seriously, it looks great! Also, does this mean we get to see some Imperial Fists in the 30k stuff? If so, how do you feel about The Stone Gauntlet Rite of War and how would it interact with Alexis Pollux's deep strike rule (I think it is called 'Void Commander', don't quote me.)

Lee - If Matthew does a Season 2 of Gorkamorka, would you be willing to be in it?

Gents, have a nice day.
Dankz (7 weeks ago): - delete
@matt for narrative campaigns, you could consider patreon instead of kickstarter.

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Krev-Grazl (3 weeks ago): - delete
I totally agree on the sexualisation aspect. It's unnecessary and sometimes it detracts from the believability (e.g. I can't believe that model has no chest armour!)
jakediewald (6 weeks ago): - delete
@ Josh

While I'm happy my comment suggesting a way to balance the slow grow campaign out got upvoted, don't take the examples I used in it as counting, use the top two actual suggestions. I really think taking the top two suggestions but then balancing it as much as possible (max squads, add free wargear for the lower powered choice, possibly change wargear and min squad the higher powered choice) would maintain the spirit of taking user suggestions while balancing unequal choices.

Do you and Dave think that my suggestion would work out? I really like the idea of users getting to chart the course of a campaign, and want to see this one do well so we can see more. For reference I'm copying my plea to sanity below since I also made actual unit suggestions for each army on that video.



Take the top suggestions, but don't copy the comment exactly. Go for the spirit of the law instead of the letter.

Adjust the points/gear as needed to keep the armies as equal as possible.

Example: BA get Sanguinor, Cassor the Damned, and Raphen's Death Company. Meanwhile Smurfs get a base Captain with no upgrades and a couple bare bones scout squads.

To balance the two, max out the weaker unit size and gear to counter the stronger comment choice. Max out the Smurfs to 10 man squads in land speeder storms. Give one of the squads Telion, combat squad both, gear them 50/50 to camp 5 each with cloaks/snipers & a missile or heavy bolter, and 5 CCW with pistols and a powerfist.

It would go a long way to balance out uneven suggestions and make this campaign more fun to watch.
Chaoslibera (6 weeks ago): - delete
Hey Josh.
Want to try out Age of Sigmar but not sure which army to start. Could you recommend me something similar to blood angels in 40k? Not Khorne though, don't like their style. Thanks!
Airman84 (6 weeks ago): - delete
Matt. I like the idea of a kickstarter for a epic narrative campaign. I am not sure if I will be able to spare a lot of money to help But I will differently throw done a little.
Redwolf222 (6 weeks ago): - delete
Lee, I have been impressed and inspired by your creations, from the whacky Gorka Morka models to the more recent Blood Bowl pitches.
I was wondering, do you use your artistic and creative skills outside of wargaming and miniatures?
Uksweeney (6 weeks ago): - delete
Josh, MWG needs to get Sisters of avelorn for the high Elves. Good in for WFB and AoS. Have a look at the rules.
7ibbs (6 weeks ago): - delete
Josh and lee what are your thoughts on the fall of Cadia ? And what other storylines would you like to see come out to progress the story line that is 40k. Such as the finding of lost primarchs, the destruction of ultramar, the tau being destroyed by the trynadis, the emperor dying, Korn killing another god of chaos because chaos?
Durioch (6 weeks ago): - delete

Matthew mentioned you were working on stripping the Sisters of Battle models that were being sent to Miniwargaming. What paint strippers do you use?
Phantom357 (7 weeks ago): - delete

What model was used as the main Inquisitor in the Deathwatch campaign?
Xarboth (7 weeks ago): - delete
Matt: I don't know if anyone has suggested this before, but I'd love to see you do a game board set-up tutorial. Your game boards are always well set up to give a good balance between firing lines and cover. For many of us, we're limited by what terrain we have and don't have the vast array of beautiful terrain pieces available to us, but I'd love to see a video with some thoughts as to how you arrange terrain and set up game boards. You may not necessarily have an explicit thought process that you go through each time, but I'm sure that even subconsciously you consider many things when laying out terrain. I'd love to know what your thought processes are, and any tips you can give us mere mortals to help us think through how we set out terrain in our own games.
Chozon1 (7 weeks ago): - delete

Dear sweet monkey fudge, man; your blood Bowl boards are amazing! I made one over Christmas and wasn't able to get mine looking half as good. Epic work.

Have you ever considered making terrain like that for other kinds of board games, just for fun? Realistic Catan tiles, or a 3D map for Risk? It's on my to-do list, eventually.

Also, what is your favorite Icelandic food dish? And what is the cuisine like? Not to be cliche, but have you ever had hakarl?

For glory and epic terrain,


Also, I love the Ogre with the butterfly.
Chozon1 (7 weeks ago): - delete

Are there any board games you particularly enjoy, or are you a strictly tabletop wargamer?

Also, how difficult is it to keep frogs as pets? I'm much more of a hamster or dog kind of guy, but I love frogs and their beauty, and thanks to some recent TV fodder involving them, I kinda want to get one...but at the same time, I want to know a bit more about their care and habits before taking the plunge.

For glory and the amphibilands,

Sub440 (7 weeks ago): - delete
@Lee. Would you ever be interested in putting out a quick tips converting/building series similar to Kris' Painting Quick Tips videos? Your work at MWG, especially the Blood Bowl pitches has really helped to bring the games to life and I, for one, would really like to learn from you.

InzaneZhane (7 weeks ago): - delete
InzaneZhane (7 weeks ago): - delete
kurtistheword (7 weeks ago): - delete

Question, how about warhammer fantasy battles 9th age, have you ever looked into it and what is your opinion?

Thnx for all the effort you put into your work.

Shout out to Lee, your amazing!!! Love to see you in more movies!
Demonwolf (7 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt

Regarding your 10th anniversary in September
I was wondering if a narrative storyline game
Starting with Battlefleet Gothic then Planetary Assualt then ending in a semi Large / Apocalypse Game, between the imperiam and the 4 Eldar Armies ( including the Corsairs )

Loved your content last year especially the space hulk death watch campaign, please keep up the amazing work you guys do
Happy 2017 and 10th birthday

Demon wolf London Great Britain
kazansky (7 weeks ago): - delete
@Matt, I understand why 30k doesn't suit your interest and style of creating a new narrative compared to 40k as it is "historical". However, heaps of people are into the 30k and especially the fluff (see HH novels are selling like hot cakes), and I believe MWG could tap into that potential. Maybe you could look into some kind of story-telling reenactment of Horus Heresy events (major engagements like Calth, Istvaan, Molech, or the campaign of Legion X) with your ample supply of miniatures. You could then supplement this "visual history lesson" with a potentially controversial discussion about the fluff and the impact of the enacted event on the overall Heresy.

I believe the production effort would be similar to a battle-report, if you do it with a suitable guest (maybe get in touch with your fellow Canadians from the Age Of Darkness Podcast - they've read and reviewed any HH novel anyways), given your infrastructure of filming studios, terrain, miniatures already in place.

I believe this would also provide MWG a platform for a discussion based series, as I remember the Re-Roll having been very successful but hard to maintain.

I would LOVE to watch such a kind of MWG Horus Heresy historical war documentary.
Deathwing1796 (7 weeks ago): - delete
Lee! You've probably answered this before, but how did you base your Emperor's Children to such a degree of awesomeness? Keep up the good work!
stickybluetoffee (7 weeks ago): - delete

In last week's episode Matt discussed reservations about doing a 30k campaign as it was "historical gaming" and therefore had limited scope.

One thought that might allow you to do a Heresy campaign is a story effectively in two parts. In the Horus Heresy campaign the ground work is laid for something to resurface in a 40k campaign. That way you don't have to worry about changing history - it can be part of the MWG 40k universe.

Not got any clear ideas but potentially 30k forces fighting over a crashed ship in Denis territory and then the ship is rediscovered in a 40k campaign. I'm sure with your brilliant story telling abilities you could make something work well with this.
murgel (7 weeks ago): - delete
@ matt: your stile (narrative etc.) is what keeps me on your site and what keeps me in the vault. So please carry on.
Still fitting in there I hope to see a "military" campaign some day.
Pellynor (7 weeks ago): - delete
@Matt. I really like the idea of a deluxe narrative campaign. If the budget allowed for it (and trademarks could be worked around) but seeing some cinematics for the story time would be truly exceptional.
Necronurgle (7 weeks ago): - delete
Hey dudes,

This question is mainly for Josh but I'm sure Lee will have some valuable input aswell.

I noticed your metal raptor's were on 32mm bases. Are they slotted bases and if not do they manage to stay glued on ok? Slightly concerned about the small surface area and heavy weight making them snap off constantly.

Would love to know how well they work before I cut all the slots off my raptors or try some other drastic action.

Many thanks,

Ave Dominus Nox!
ImmobileUrchin (7 weeks ago): - delete

First off, huge fan of the narrative campaigns! I can't wait to watch them each week.

One of the things you talked about last time was that 40k isn't real balanced but is fun to play. I'm a huge Necron fan and was wondering in general, not just for Necrons, but how do you guys fine tune your battle report lists so they are both fun to play and fun to play against?

Looking forward to the next campaign and whatever you guys decide to kickstart!
matthra (7 weeks ago): - delete
RE: The narrative kickstarter, If you do 3-d Printed terrain (and why not it's the future), if you could make the files available to backers of a certain level I think that would be an awesome value add. We all want cool looking terrain, and even if we don't personally own a 3D printer there are plenty of printing services available.
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