New Chaos Daemons Codex Review Part 2

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KagaCaptainCyrus (10 days ago): - delete
well you can defantly tell what GW is trying to sell with this codex, Nurgle is alittle over powered now, does tons of damage and impossible to kill...

anonymous-592 (10 days ago): - delete
Wow lot of good stuff thx for doing the review and both parts in the free section. Shame they did not do a good overhal on slanesh

tiL (10 days ago): - delete
They definitely went overboard with the nurgle stuff.. hopefully they get nerfed in the FAG.

I dont think Tzeentch and the brimstone horrors got that bad as Quirk seems to think. I think they are still pretty good for their points cost. Flamers and screamers got much needed buffs!

Then there's Slaanesh.. they didn't even bother giving heralds different names and profiles. Sad story.
tiL (10 days ago): - delete
Forgot Khorne, solid buffs overall. More damage is just what Khorne needed. Propably like these buffs the most.

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SemperSteel (8 days ago): - delete
Quirk, all that stuff in the book for Nurgle targets "Nurgle Daemons" keyword (minus a few character buffs and whatnot).

So as per the Death Guard FAQ, you can use these things on other armies like Death Guard, provided they have the appropriate keywords.

Take for example, Mortarion. He's a Nurgle Daemon. Give him a bunch of these buffs, plus some buffs from CSM (like Diabolic Strength and Prescience), plus the Death Guard buffs, and suddenly you have a gigantic blender throwing out like 21 attacks at 2+ rerollable, with 4 generating more attacks against imperium, 5 against everything else (so 2 extra against imperium), 2 to wound basically everything in the game (rerolling), 3 to wound, 4 to wound doing an additional mortal wound, all at -2 AP and like 3 damage a piece.

I'm not sure the exact numbers, but it should look roughly like that.

SemperSteel (8 days ago): - delete
Lots of people are complaining about how much "damage" nurgle can put out per attack.

I think everyone's forgetting that nurgle gets very little access to any AP weapons. I think nothing aside from their characters get any AP weapons (I think plague flies might get a -1 on their attacks, maybe).

So sure, your plaguebearers can do 6 damage per attack... But everything still has its base save.

So you can throw 30 plaguebearers at something like a land raider, and you'll do an average of like 3 damage per round of combat. Not particularly impressive.

Against smaller stuff like marines, all the bonus damage doesn't help at all.

Sure the 2 damage helps against elite infantry, but look at how often terminators get played.

So sure, Nurgle got a buff, but its hardly the end of the world.

Godzilla117 (9 days ago): - delete
This codex is not a chaos daemon codex. This is a nurgle daemonkin codex with what should have been an faq for Khorn and slannesh with a middle finger for tzeentch. This is an insulting way to boost sales for nurgle. When the thousand sons releases came out tzeentch got some good buffs to compiment them. Gw thinks they are doing the same thing with the death guard and nurgle daemons, however the tzeentch buffs where in a supplement that gave a narrative reason for the appearance of the new models and sudden swell in power. This is just a codex that focuses entirely on nurgle while ignoring Khorn and slannesh and nerfng tzeentch. I would not be so upset if they had released just the nurgle stuff in its own codex but no, they called it the chaos daemon codex, for that I say shame on them. Have the courage to faq the other three gods if you're just going to make a few tiny changes and nerf certain models. I'm disappointed but not surprised by this as I've noticed the claim that 8th edition will be "more balanced" has become less and less true as new codexes come out. The difference in power between armies grows larger and larger while points fail to reflect this gap. This "chaos daemon codex" is evidence of this failure.

Mandelcore (9 days ago): - delete

I think Quirk needs to join if he isn't already a member.
MWGQuirk (9 days ago): - delete
I scent in my implication but it was rebloqued after a quiet hefty rendezvous.
Arrtoodeetoo (7 days ago): - delete

stickybluetoffee (9 days ago): - delete
Nice review. Look forward to the review of the Maggotkin of Nurgle book too.

mmimzie (10 days ago): - delete
Its not 6 damage from the plague bears. The order of stacking skills are add>multiply> set. So it would really be 4 damage from a plague bearer.

unioxe (10 days ago): - delete
I dont think Tzeentch got that much nerf. Deepstrike by summon or warp 12" range Flamer SUser Ap-1 +1S with Herald or BoonOfChange, 1 Wound roll from Flikering Flames. LoC with 3 with the robe with 6 FNP with Changeling or 3 for Smite at 30". Not as good as Nurgle but still very nice

Oxford1990 (10 days ago): - delete
So it%u2019s a nurgle daemons codex xD

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Quirk gets into the special rules for the alliances, new stratagems, psychic powers, artifacts, warlord traits, and tactics. *we originally were gonna put this in the Vault but we put it out for everyone*

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