New Chaos Daemons Codex Review Part 1

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JarvisPants (13 days ago): - delete
Want to buy some brimestones hahahahha

Spinous (12 days ago): - delete
How about you make a Path to Glory with the new chaos daemons codex?

Oxford1990 (13 days ago): - delete
Why do they hate slaanesh! Give us some love!
DanielTMU (12 days ago): - delete
Well said
CrosisDePurger (4 days ago): - delete
Here here!

Genericone (12 days ago): - delete
So hold on Quirk, if pink horrors got buffed, flamers got buffed, screamers got buffed, exalted flamers got buffed, chariots got buffed, Lords of Change got buffed, Kairos got buffed, soul grinders got buffed, and daemon princes got buffed, ... what's the Tzeentch nerf? I recognize that brimstones and blues are garbage units now but outside of the daemon codex, how many other armies boast a 7 point 4+ T3 line infantry with Assault 2/3 18" boltguns? And for 30 points a unit, you're still fielding brimstones for very easy detachment fills with battlefield applications.

wyrdhunter (13 days ago): - delete
Quirk%u2019s Brimstone tears are delicious.

mmimzie (13 days ago): - delete
While brimstones suck now. Horrors are waaaay better than they were before. They can be summoned or deep strike in with thier 18" range shooting attacks. That are str user so a herald can give you +1str and with a power you get 1 to wound. Lastly they get 1 shooting attack for 20 or more

Meaning you can get 30 pink horrors throwing 90 attacks that wound marines on a 3 ... coming out of deep strike or being summoned. Woooo that is spooky!!

Other Comments

corvak (7 days ago): - delete
Qwirk, I am worried about your salt intake :<

Zustiur (9 days ago): - delete
Aww. Did you buy a crazy amount of Brimstone horrors because they were clearly OP? I have no sympathy if so.

bigaldevlin (11 days ago): - delete
I hate that all the heralds of sLaneshaw with mounted options have been removed - evenue those on seeker chariots that we had ruless for - so do we just stick with the old index for these entries atm ?? Prreorders this codex to basically find out I have nothing and must continue with index as before. Awesome day for nurgle tho

JammasterJ (11 days ago): - delete

ThabianGD (12 days ago): - delete
I am so very dissapointed in GW's dealing with Slaanesh, they've avoided the Noise marines, ran screaming from the daemonettes. If they want to get rid of a faction, just SQUAT it. They've dropped an entire army before, do it again so I can stop getting my damn hopes up every Chaos release, either Marines or Daemons, seriously sick of the Slaanesh hate, or maybe they just keep leading us on so we haven't wasted thousands of dollars on the game.
MysticJackal (12 days ago): - delete
They are just focusing on a faction at a time. They did the Lord of Change last year and the year before I think, with Fate getting a lot of big buffs and Thousand Sons, plus the return of Magnus.

Then Nurglings late last year with the return of the Death Guard, their Primarch, and all the nurgle stuff. Yeah they could have spread the focus out, but clearly they didn't.

Have they done Korn yet
CrosisDePurger (4 days ago): - delete
I agree with Mystic Jackal, they are just on a schedule where we slannesh folk are last, First you had Khrone get his stuff alongside the khrone daemonkin, then the thousand sons and Tzneetch got updated, now nurgle is getting the love. I expect late this year/sometime 2019 slannesh will get updated along with Emperor's children

Spurs23 (12 days ago): - delete
So by my quick (and very questionable math) a GUO will, on average, beat a Bloodthirster in close combat and can out phsyker a LoC. That just seems wrong.
CrosisDePurger (4 days ago): - delete
Sort of. Yes is looks like (with a bilesword) a GUO and a Bloodthrister punching each other in the face is a 50/50 fight, maybe favoring the GUO a bit. However GUO moves 7 inches, the Bloodthrister 12. Bloodthrister is far more likely to set himself up as the charger, hitting first and possibly putting GUO on his mid teir. As for LoC, GUO is a great caster for supporting infantry or close range damage, but has no psychic shooting past 18 inches (only smite). LoC can smite at 30", has bolt at 18 and gateway at 12 which would be 18 with the warlord range perk for tzneetch. So the LOC could start putting the hurt on GUO from turn one while it marches across the board, but it would never catch up since again, 7 inch move vs 12.

unioxe (13 days ago): - delete
Tzeentch got few nerf on few models, but still got a lot of other very good buff and powerfull combo

unioxe (13 days ago): - delete
Summon 6-9 Flamers at 9" of an ennemie, If at range of an Herald, it become 6-9D6 auto hit HeavyFlame

nardno (13 days ago): - delete
I called my wife a Sloppity Bilepiper. She's both confused and insulted.
Splen (12 days ago): - delete
You are brave. I hope she forgave you! Also, sloppity is a fun word to say.

rapid87 (13 days ago): - delete
All of this is utterly useless without the point values...
Splen (12 days ago): - delete
Oops, I meant to downvote this but my stupid finger mashed the wrong area of the screen!
However many downvotes it ends up with, just imagine it has one more. Cool, thanks

BlazeHeroic (13 days ago): - delete
Completely unrelated to the review itself, but I had a huge nostalgia trip when I noticed the Warhammer Fantasy rulebook in the corner, such good memories %uD83D%uDE0A

KagaCaptainCyrus (13 days ago): - delete
i think GW just wishes slannesh would go away, they gave it nothing new, some minor buffs and no new names...
shiweibb (13 days ago): - delete
The slaneesh model range features nudity which hinders gw to bring 40k to quite some countries/markets. Slaneesh is bad for business
MysticJackal (12 days ago): - delete
I don't know, I think they are slowly just upgrading things. I think they did Korn, then they did Mr Fate, now its Nurgles turn, technically Slaanish is next. Sucks but someone has to be last.
DanielTMU (12 days ago): - delete
New models for the Slaneesh line fixes the nudity problem. GW has made fantastic new models like crazy the past few years, like the gorgeous new Plaguebarers. If they wanted to they could make new and awesome Daemonettes with bras/tunics/tank tops/etc. on them.
I hope it is a story driven decision in that right now is the time of Nurgle. Big Papa is on the rise, so his opposite, Slannesh, is on the decline.
DanielTMU (12 days ago): - delete
*Slaanesh (stupid iPad)
Anradh (10 days ago): - delete
They could easily play on the androgynous aspect and avoid the nudity problem altogether (silly though I think it is, especially with the Bloodwrack Medusae seemingly being no problem...)
Shoulders narrower than hips, swelling at the chest, tucked in waist and curvy legs. Subtly sculpted musculature and no tits or nipples. Voila, clearly Slaaneshi but not lude.

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The new Chaos Daemons book has arrived and Quirk is here to talk about all the changes as well as go over all the new models!

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