Necromunda : Underhive Review!

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Splen (8 weeks ago): - delete
I feel that this review is somewhat ambiguous. Josh, did you like the game or not?
MWGJosh (8 weeks ago): - delete
This made me laugh way longer than it should have

machawk (8 weeks ago): - delete
Can we get a "corner cam" for Lee next time?
MWGJosh (8 weeks ago): - delete
It is mostly just him making obscene gestures.
CiCa (7 weeks ago): - delete
So... is that a maybe?

casuallunatic (8 weeks ago): - delete
I had the exact same problem as Josh back when Armageddon came out. Sure the basic rules were reasonably tight, but the various factions felt extremely unbalanced and just often were unfun to play against each other. After how disappointed I was with it, I made sure not to get to excited about necromunda coming back. In short, I feel your pain Josh.

Xindell (8 weeks ago): - delete
When I heard about Necromunda coming back, for me it was just a question of whether a couple of people from my rather small play group would get into it with me. I was so ready. Now...

Not so much.

I look forward to some Gang War content to see if my mind is changed. Fingers crossed.

TranquilDarkness (8 weeks ago): - delete
I feel yer pain Josh.. was an Escher player myself and seeing how unbalanced those games were makes me afraid for gang wars. And sure as hell i'm never doing underhive.
But then again.. i have been disappointed by pretty much everything, rules-wise, GW have produced for years.

Sklodo (8 weeks ago): - delete
Mordehaim is rather unlikely since GW murdered Old World. And we have this spire something for this stupid new setup.
MWGJosh (8 weeks ago): - delete
Shhh don't crush my dreams

FlipmodeSH (8 weeks ago): - delete
Make cover bonuses dependent on agility might help bring the Escher stats into play.

I want Gang Wars to be good, I really do.
AMA with Andy Chambers said that full gang activation was the main thing he would change about Necromunda, but what does he know?
MWGJosh (8 weeks ago): - delete
Gang Wars might be amazing, I look forward to playing it

Sklodo (8 weeks ago): - delete
I feel for Josh. But game is not that off balance I think. Yea in close encounter Goliaths have avvantage but they should get havy loses on their way in as Esher has just much better shooting. But Josh rolled poorerly and number of 6+ sqaves Luka made was just ridicioulous. And Josh rolled like Quirk. He had double 1 twice in one game. That is not statistical.

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DarwinPhish (5 weeks ago): - delete
My two cents, for what its worth. I've been playing Necro since the first edition came out, I still have the models, the cardboard crap, the rulebooks, the works. My all time favourite GW game. Super, pant wettingly excited when 2 friends simultaneously messaged me to tell me that Necro was back (they know me well). Preordered the game and the gang war book from my local gamestore, got free stuff too- most excellent. Went down on pre release night to try the new system and played the intro scenario twice as Escher- loved it, won both games. Took my copy home and built my Escher gang- took a weekend to design. Played another couple of skirmish style games with a mate, learning the mechanics, experimenting with random board generation etc- Goliaths win. Twice. Played a 1000 credit a side game using my custom Eschers vs 1000 creds of the generic Goliath gang with another mate- a slow game given that he was new to Necro, but not new to tabletop wargaming, and being very thorough with the rules- after 3 strenuous and bloody hours or highly enjoyable and very true-to-form Necro, Escher emerges victorious. Have now refined my Escher Gang having realised I made a couple of mistakes in the initial design. All in, from a Necro veteran, I love it. Balanced? I would say so, although Escher are more difficult to play than Goliath. Fun? Hell yea. Will I buy more stuff when it is released? Yea, to fill in the blanks in my already bloated Necro collection. Its early days for this release- there hasn't been the time for the obligatory FAQ's or for people to have seen how the gangs will develop over the course of a campaign, which is what Necro is all about. If I'm going to gripe, its a little disappointing that several books will need to be bought to get the full Necro experience, but I guess thats just the capitalist West. Happy hunting folks, and beware the 'roided up power hammer wielding Goliath leaders- they turn Escher into slurry

Plumber81 (7 weeks ago): - delete
I started playing 40k back in 2nd ed and the original Necromunda was based around 2nd ed rules. All GW needed to do was update the weapon rules for the current edition of 40k (7th ed) so that the rules were similar again. I stopped watching your Underhive batreps 10mins in, not from any fault of Josh or Luke's, but from they way the game rules are now have been butchered and Frankensteined to play on 2D tiles. I will not be buying this garbage iteration of a beloved game. @ Josh and Lula keep up the honest reviews. I would be more disappointed if you had hyped it up and it was terrible. You called it for what it is.... a big stinky spade.

Cwj1138 (7 weeks ago): - delete
I watched your review follow up video. Respect to you Josh. It take a big person to admit they made a mistake, especially in a large public forum. Now that you have had a sober second look at the video is there any chance you and Luka will do new review?%uFEFF

heffo (7 weeks ago): - delete
who else thinks GW released a box then tries to make you pay for the rule? 3D combat? the staple of tabletop wargaming?
blatant cash grab

99arcturus (7 weeks ago): - delete
I like alt deployment
MWGJosh (7 weeks ago): - delete
Meh about alt deployment, it is alternate activation that I take issue with

Gianc22 (8 weeks ago): - delete
I'm really disappointed by this video, this is not the kind of video i would expect from MWG. It seems more the kind of rant that you would find on a minor channel with an hundred of views, not what should appear on the most important wargaming channel. I'm not disappointed because you are saying that the game is "bad", i'm disappointed because this is not a review, it is a series of complaints made by somebody who lost most of his games due to poor rolling and poor tactical decisions. I usually like Josh's content, this video shows that it was poorly thought in comparison to other reviews or videos he has made.

Vezadecio (8 weeks ago): - delete
Community Edition Necromunda

At least now miniatures are available with more to come and you don't have to spend $100s looking for legacy models online.

irlzombie (8 weeks ago): - delete
Josh - thanks for the great necromunda coverage, it's a shame your tactics didn't work out as planned, nevertheless I'm going to rise to the challenge to try and make house escher great again! (btw those were the worst roles I've ever seen, maybe try swapping dice with Luka?)

Just one question, what was the laser pointer thing you guys used in the first couple games? It looked handy for settling line of sight disputes.

Thanks again,

MWGJosh (8 weeks ago): - delete
Laser Line - TARGETLOCK from army painter. Escher should be fine in Gang War

The Rising Ape (8 weeks ago): - delete
I was an avid Necromunda player back in the day, in fact it was my favourite GW game (closely followed by Blood Bowl). After watching just these games and review I won't be buying Underhive. However, Gang War may be the saving grace so I will hold off Final judgement until after you guys play some 3D games.

Darakus (8 weeks ago): - delete
Hi guys, after watching your mini campaign i've of the opinion underhive isnt Necromunda. There's none of the derpy fun you have in Cromunda and its basically the equivalent of a 7th ed 40k zone mortalis kill team with space marines vs dark eldar wytches. Ive done that and its not worth setting up the minis. Im still hopeful for gang war but worse case i've got 2 copies of original Cromunda and so nice new sculpt models will go down well. thanks for all the good work

jackman343 (8 weeks ago): - delete
Do you think they tried to make Goliath the necromunda version of marines? With their better than average stats.
Do you think if you had a extra couple of gang members you would of done better so it was a little more horde vs elite type game?
MWGJosh (8 weeks ago): - delete
TBH regardless of anything else I don't think using the same stats and rules for a 2D board and 3D board will work. The rules seem like they will work much better for a 3D environment.
irlzombie (8 weeks ago): - delete
I've been thinking about the balance issue and the best I can come up with is getting rid of the 5+ save for the Goliath's. 1s and 1t is enough I think.

wyldhorse (8 weeks ago): - delete
During an interview shown on Warhammer TV, one of the designers said that they added some of the house rules from their game group.

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Josh and Luka sit down after playing 6 games of Underhive and discuss their thoughts and opinions on the basic game play of Underhive.

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