Necromunda: Underhive First Impressions!

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DanielTMU (7 days ago): - delete
What are Lee's impressions of the new Necromunda?

Slipstreams (7 days ago): - delete
Watching this vid was unnerving due to Steve-Shirts gaze being upon me the whole time x_x

Korloq Huan (7 days ago): - delete
For the pronunciation of Delaque, the correct (or at least how us Brits, and GW say it) is as if you're saying Delack. The best way of explaining it is typing it in google translate. When you type the word in, click the playback button and that is the pronunciation. Love the review guys, you do a great job!

Hope this helps

Other Comments

ABF36 (15 hours ago): - delete
Luka that t-shirt is glorious!

bilge rat (6 days ago): - delete
bilge rat (6 days ago): - delete
Coup de grace is commonly mispronounced but should have an S sound on the end, like the green stuff that grows on you lawn.

krv5516 (6 days ago): - delete
Whenever I see that t-shirt with Steve on it, I think that the entire team needs to come into work one day doing a Steve as "Legolas" cosplay complete with wigs and ears and follow him around all day filming him with the phones like he is a "huge" celebrity instead of just being huge. They could also submit their Steve fanfic to Steve to see if he can get it optioned at Warner Brothers. I know Steve would clearly love the adulation and attention.

Tharax (7 days ago): - delete
Would you guys say it would be a good idea to get two sets? For more of the bord tiles, terain and stuff. Or will I be set to go with just one box?

SomethingAngry (7 days ago): - delete
Sounds like a more complicated "Company of Iron"... Love the models, but the game

DrVulcan (7 days ago): - delete
Thank you very much for the review. Based on this review and others I will not be getting this game and I will not be watching many games of it in the vault.

I think that the theme (gang warfare) sounds about as boring of a theme for a game as could be possible IMO. This is not 1980.

In addition, based on this review and my reading the other previews available thus far the rules seem a bit overly complicated when there is no character advancement or real RPG element like you can do in Shadow War. I do not want to spend 2 hours playing a skirmish match and have to read a massive rules tome anymore.

I prefer shadespire with its 20 min games and very small rules set or shadow war with its better theme, multiple forces (Xenos, etc.) and RPG elements.

To both those like myself who have no interest in this game now and those who think it is the best thing since 8th edition, have fun out there everyone!!
mmallon425 (6 days ago): - delete
Out of curiosity, did you watch the Augustine's Wreckage narrative campaign?
FlipmodeSH (6 days ago): - delete
From playing Necromunda back in the day there are character advancements and RPG elements. I think there are in this version too. Each to their own, of course, but I wasn't sure what you meant by that part.
DrVulcan (5 days ago): - delete
@mmallon425, thought it was great. If they:
1) add Orcs, space marines, Nids, etc.
2) Add some campaign systems (which I hear they will be however are not in the initial box?). In SW I used the same 3rd party ones that MWG did which are great fun.
3) The rules end up being simpler then Shadow War
4) The set up and play time is less to or equal to a normal match of Shadow War
Then I will be happy to take another look at this Necromunda release.
DrVulcan (5 days ago): - delete
From the video reviews I watched, I thought that they were not going to have any stat-like increases for the individual models (like you have in Shadow War / etc.) and only have weapons and team composition change. I also had thought it was impossible for characters to 'die off' or have other real lasting effects, etc. however apparently I was mistaken and those rules will be in some sort of additional supplemental rules / campaign guide.

FlipmodeSH (7 days ago): - delete
Without pre-measuring how does it work when you have to target the closest? Do you declare against one but then have to change it to the closest if you were wrong?

wyldhorse (7 days ago): - delete
delaque = Del - lock or Del - lack?

dannyslag (7 days ago): - delete
That shirt is awesome

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Josh and Luka sit down and discuss their first impressions of the brand new release of Necromunda.

They do a brief skimming of the rule book and the Gang War supplement book to give you guys an idea of how the game plays and the contents inside.

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