NEW Necromunda Underhive Unboxing!

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niezche (3 months ago): - delete
Thanks Dave. I always appreciate your enthusiasm.

About a Bicycle (3 months ago): - delete
I loved everything about this video!

ChaoticColors (3 months ago): - delete
Dave... You will now have to do all future unboxing videos

Other Comments

Chrisbo (3 months ago): - delete
Yes please, mooooore daaaaaaaveeeeeee

Slack (3 months ago): - delete
Dave you need to do an enthusiastic advert for something like a hoover, that would be funny to watch.

krv5516 (3 months ago): - delete
When is Dave going to get the Slim Jim commercial deal?

daveisdvd (3 months ago): - delete
Dave is by far the best 'unboxer' in the business LOL

Boff89 (3 months ago): - delete
Dave. Hats off sir, you are a treasure

FlipmodeSH (3 months ago): - delete
The box itself is an extra arena for playing in!

Warquest227 (3 months ago): - delete
I want to see Dave play as part of the Campaign leading a chaos corrupted Escher o Goliath

OnTheEdge (3 months ago): - delete
Awesome as always Dave!

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MiniWarGaming's Avatar Author: MiniWarGaming
Added: November 11, 2017
Rated: 12345 (8)

Dave unleashes the gangs of the Underhive and shows off all contents of this new starter set. It's brutal gang warfare in the 41st Millennium.

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