NEW Grey Knight Codex Review

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Therealyankrule (5 months ago): - delete
Quirk, that spin thing you did in the beginning was pretty epic
drunkenmoose (5 months ago): - delete
Could someone PLEASE make a video with that and put on the Harlem Globetrotters Song on .. ? please. now. you know, it needs to be done.
Hrax (5 months ago): - delete
The spin was good but the nonchalant way he did it was epic.

Fraeyr (5 months ago): - delete
Quirk spin 10/10

Plasticmonkey (5 months ago): - delete
Quirk do you not have any friends, you always do your codex reviews by yourself %uD83D%uDE06%uD83D%uDE1C

Maverick1605 (5 months ago): - delete
I find it odd that you spent so much time talking about units that show up in the Codex and saying they are new when we had access to them in the Index. The Techmarine, servitors, Landraiders, etc. were all available to us already on page 181 of the Index. The only brand new units are the GM Dreadknight, Chaplain, Stormhawk and Stormtalon.

Also, you mention Terminators going from 48 to 46 points, but my Index shows them at 44 points base, then 46 with stormbolter. So if they are now 46 points base they increased by 2 points, not decreased.

I'm still happy with the new codex, but the way this was presented seems odd to me.

Other Comments

YellowSnowCone (5 months ago): - delete
great review Quirk, you are very well spoken. Keep up the good work

Markassius (5 months ago): - delete
GM Dreadknight has more than 10 wounds eh? Hmm - better start building more lascannon models

nemesorazous (5 months ago): - delete

Den12 (5 months ago): - delete
I thought GW said you can take a conversion beam on teck marine? You just use the index points.

Amokkaz (5 months ago): - delete
I love your content but i Think the volume of the sound ( your Voice) is to low.

TranquilDarkness (5 months ago): - delete
Dreadknight should be a vehicle.
And i could be wrong but fighting a battle with daemons vs grey knights seems pointless now.

syndx (5 months ago): - delete
Quirk, if you were in the Star Wars universe would you be a member of the SOLO family...hue hue hue. I'll show myself out.

About this Content
MiniWarGaming's Avatar Author: MiniWarGaming
Added: August 7, 2017
Rated: 12345 (7)

Quirk goes through the new Grey Knights Codex looking at the new units available as well as the point cost changes and new Warlord Traits.

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