NEW Deathguard - Mortarion Review

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winterspenguin (10 weeks ago): - delete
Great review guys. My favourite part was staring at Mortarion's hood for 30 minutes.

DarkAngelCypher (10 weeks ago): - delete
It's appropriate that it sounds like Dave has a head cold while reviewing Death Guard and Mortarion

Twigbeard (10 weeks ago): - delete
This was gross to listen to. Nurgle was present and this was unpleasant.

Other Comments

LordWolf (7 weeks ago): - delete
Serously the wings are your favourite.. They are hideous.

T-Jay (10 weeks ago): - delete
The big difference in 2+ and 3 save comes into play when you get shot by autocanon equivalents. Str 7 AP -1 and 2 or D3 Damage. Those weapons are perfect for primach hunting =D

C203363 (10 weeks ago): - delete
Dave, you sound terrible in this video. I had to switch it off it was too distracting haha

surbitron (10 weeks ago): - delete
However interesting the commentary I couldn't watch this because the shot of the model was deadly dull. You need to show off the in closeup and then cut to a shot of you guys sitting at a table with the model in front of you for the discussion.

Kabhaal87 (10 weeks ago): - delete
Reviewing Mortarion while having the sniffles. Sucks your sick Dave but its soooo appropriate.

kurtistheword (10 weeks ago): - delete
The angle of this movie is a shame. For the rest epic

jackal1994 (10 weeks ago): - delete
he was T7 pre deamon hood so T8 would have been nice ( he was always the most resilient)

Waki (10 weeks ago): - delete
Nice shade of purple for the garment covering his head. After 30 minutes of looking at it, it has grown on me.

broxthemighty (10 weeks ago): - delete
Mike, needs to be more orky! Wot you tinkin, you git?!

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MiniWarGaming's Avatar Author: MiniWarGaming
Added: September 9, 2017
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Dave & Mike show off and discuss the new Mortarion model, his stats, abilities, and share what they've learned in their battles with him.

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