NEW Death Guard Codex Review - Stratagems, Relics, Warlord Traits, & Psychic Powers

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airmang (10 weeks ago): - delete
Don't you lose the specific Deathguard abilities (the shooting ability and obsec) if you take nurgle daemons in you deathguard detachment since they don't have the deathguard keyword. Meaning they have to be their own detachment or summoned.

krand (10 weeks ago): - delete
If you watch the unit video, the demons do not have the keyword "Death Guard". Not sure why people are down voting airmang and upvoting mouser04 for incorrect information.

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Aclys (9 weeks ago): - delete
fun combo, use blades of putrefaction and the veterans of the long war stratagem to buff to-wound rolls for a single fight phase by +2 (so you'll be wounding things not twice your strength in toughness on a 3 , anything equal or less on a 2 rerolling 1's for plague weapon.. and any rolls of 5-6 will result in a mortal wound ontop, now that's a harvest!

Tmaster (10 weeks ago): - delete
ooh i can see an awesome combo with blades of putrefaction and veterans of the long war

blippityblip (10 weeks ago): - delete
Plague wind is going to be better than smite on average against horde armies, against a horde of 30 boyz your killing on average 5 instead of 2, against 50 conscripts you've got an average of 8-9 against 2

Arskull (10 weeks ago): - delete
Curse of the leper is better than smite, against toughness 4 that's about 3 mortal wounds, 4 against toughness 3.

mouser04 (10 weeks ago): - delete
Nope they are death guard still cause they are in the DG codex now but only the nurgle lesser daemon
Chronic (10 weeks ago): - delete
Where is the death guard keyword on the daemons? Sure they are in the codex but do they have the keyword? No.

For example: I have thousand sons in the same book as slaneesh daemons, so does that mean slaneesh daemons are thousands sons? They are in the same book. You're thinking of 7th edition and editions before where everything in the book was part of the same army. THIS IS NOT THE CASE ANYMORE. Armies that get special rules from having detachments with only their own units go off of keywords.

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Dave & Mike discuss the new details of the Death Guard codex and dive into the tactics.

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