NEW Death Guard Codex Review - NEW UNITS

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Nooblord (5 months ago): - delete
I was really harsh over the quality of the CSM Codex Review. Over 100% improvement in this one guys. Thanks for doing a great job. Mike balances out Dave nicely!

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ChaoticColors (5 months ago): - delete
I like it when Mike do review

lordpathos (5 months ago): - delete
You guys are saying there are some units that are not in the codex (Bikes) and I never heard you talking about any units from the CSM codex. Can't you take most anything from the CSM codex with the <LEGION> faction keyword? This would allow you to take <DEATH GUARD> bikes, right?

T23productions (5 months ago): - delete
For the record some have asked this question, GW has confirmed if a unit exists in the Index that does not exist in the codex you can still use the index. From this point forward GW will only in the codex for an army include units they sell actual models for. Your Sorcs on bikes, or palaquins still are valid they just won't be in a codex so you will not see point adjustments.

Technosaurus (5 months ago): - delete
Lawnmower race! Lawnmower race! Lawnmower race!

Tharax (5 months ago): - delete
Nurgel cake for Steve!! The reaction when he realize would be awesome!

krv5516 (5 months ago): - delete
Dave apparently has upgraded his body drumming game. He must have watched Neil Peart's series of videos on body drumming. It's available in Canadian.

Shoeshine (5 months ago): - delete
Tallyman's refund isn't that rare. A 7 on 2d6 has a 1/6 chance of happening.

ChampionLogan (5 months ago): - delete
In response to the Nurgle Daemon Prince not having the entry for wings, isn't the codices now only having the models that are available to buy without any level of converting?

Such as the Space Marine codex doesn't have an entry for some characters on bikes but you can still take them - you use the index as the entry instead. This'd be the same. Use the index for a Nurgle Daemon Prince with wings. Codex for for one without
Imateria (5 months ago): - delete
Which is problematic because the one with wing doesn't have DR. It also makes the Grand Master Dreadknight really stand out as a new unit that has to be converted.

KagaCaptainCyrus (5 months ago): - delete
hey guys haven't seen it anywhere yet and didn't hear anything on it, is the palinquin of nurgle not in this book? That has always been one of my favorite ideas of just having a warlord carried around the battlefield on a throne

mouser04 (5 months ago): - delete
how did yall get morty before preorder date when we cant even get him yet
Boff89 (5 months ago): - delete
They get sent review copies

SomethingAngry (5 months ago): - delete
REALLY loving this review, as opposed to those that came before. Why? Because you are showing pictures of the models you are talking about. SO MUCH NICER! Thanks guys!!!

MarkOfNotch (5 months ago): - delete
As much as you say having the Nurgle Daemons is like the Khorne Daemonkin book- just remember that based on the data sheets you've shown they don't have the Death Guard keyword.

A detachment that includes these daemons alongside Death Guard units won't get those benefits, because it wont be a Death Guard detachment. It will be a Chaos detachment or a Nurgle detachment. So no inexorable advance if you want to mix in some Daemons.

Razekal (5 months ago): - delete
For the record: The Tallyman's roll to refund CPs is a 16.6% chance. There are 36 combinations of 2d6, of which 6 result in 7.

LegionAstartes913 (5 months ago): - delete
Where did you get the death guard T-Shirt? Love it!!! Want it!!!

GenerationTerrorist (5 months ago): - delete
Goodgod, those Terminators look stunning.

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Dave & Mike provide an in depth, digested review on the widely anticipated Death Guard codex. In this video, they pick apart every new and added unit in the army.

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