MiniWarGaming's 2016 In Retrospect

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Draichnyr-na-Clark (9 months ago): - delete
You guys are phenomenal!
Thanks for all the amazing content you consistently produce.
I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful Christmas

Kaptin-Obvious (9 months ago): - delete
9 years already? Wow time just keeps getting faster. But you know what that means, next year is 10 years, so you HAVE to do something special.

Maybe a full staff vs staff apoc game that lasts a full week! (Or something similar) But you guys best be planning out the 10th year special!

(Failing that just shoot quirk a 100 times with a nerf gun )

Unpure (9 months ago): - delete
Been a vault member for nigh on 2 yrs and love all the content. Merry Christmas guys.. P.s Justin really didnt want to be filmed it seems. thats the first time I've seen him on film.

TWhopples (9 months ago): - delete
Merry Christmas to you all at MWG Thank you for all that you do

brainslosh (9 months ago): - delete
I think we need more Justin in 2017

ShadowWookie (9 months ago): - delete
You guys are awesome and have made this the best year for me, cant wait for another year with Miniwargaming.

SemperSteel (9 months ago): - delete
The videos you guys put out are a staple of every day for me. Thank you all for doing what you do. No one else in the tabletop scene begins to compare to the quality of your content.

Warboss-Gorebag (9 months ago): - delete
its weird thinking that ive been a vault member for two years and just like when I first started watching MWG I am excited to see what new vids are on here today. Congrats on 9 years and a happy holidays MWG.

Drewski (9 months ago): - delete
Merry Christmas and happy new year! Thanks for all that you've done for me as well as the community!

Other Comments

Trgwii (8 months ago): - delete
Merry Christmas MWG !

All hail Kris King of Monkeys!!!

hellbell13 (9 months ago): - delete
daves hair is so glorious

DanielTMU (9 months ago): - delete
Thank you MWG. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your families.


malko888 (9 months ago): - delete
thank you all.

I'd like to wish you, "Happy Wargaming"

Hrax (9 months ago): - delete
Thanks for all that you guys do, Merry Christmas.

Grendle (9 months ago): - delete
Thanks! Great job everyone!

Nipo-5 (9 months ago): - delete
Been a member for a couple of years now. Really look forward to mondays, wednesdays and fridays for my 40K fix Highlight of the week! thank you so much for the stable and professional content! You are the first amongst equal! Here is an idea; maybe invite Carl Tuttle, Scari, Striking Scorpion, Winters Seo, Reece and Frankie or some of the other 40K community contributors over for a couple of epic showdowns I`m good either way but that would be a fantastic view Happy holiday guys!

SomethingAngry (9 months ago): - delete
Merry Christmas MWG Team! And thank you for all the great content!

One request: More AoS, Warmahordes, and X-Wing please!

jackal1994 (9 months ago): - delete
2:54 i see you have mortarion please do some death guard 30k there my favourite

Tajerik (9 months ago): - delete
Thanks so much for the work you guys do! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays all that stuff. Looking forward to 2017 myself, and hope some day to come visit you guys, and get my butt kicked in a batrep.

gerarderor (9 months ago): - delete
I have no words. I'm in awe of you guys. Greatest dudes ever. Them stats were class. But who is the most active content producer? Steve gets around. Merry xmas from Ireland.

J0nosaurus (9 months ago): - delete
I think I started watching you guys back in 2011. I didn't realize how long its been.

BlazeHeroic (9 months ago): - delete
Happy holidays to all the MWG staff and my fondest congratulations on the 9 year anniversary. May your bolts fly true and your psykers cast peril-free in the coming year.

RedEyesBdragon (9 months ago): - delete
would certainly love to work for you guys

JMRecoil (9 months ago): - delete
From my family to all of yours at Miniwargaming, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. A vault member forever.

jakediewald (9 months ago): - delete
Awesome year, subbed about halfway through. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!

What I'm looking for from MWG next year? More amazing small scale campaigns. Deathwatch just keeps getting better, and the most recent MWG chapter campaign was awesome.

But more than anything, I'd love to see a persistent campaign with a map board like Warzone Apotheosis. Your narration and GM'ing skills have gotten so much better since then that I'd love to see one now. Maybe some way to work "normal" batreps into the campaign, so even guests that are only in for a game or two can contribute to the campaign.

Rarrb (9 months ago): - delete
As someone new to the vault, happy Christmas everyone keep up the good work

hobbit1987 (9 months ago): - delete
Thank you, love you guys (and all the awesome content you create).

Bluewater1976 (9 months ago): - delete
Happy holidays and a happy new year to you, too^^ I'm looking forward to spent 2017 with you all!

nicol247 (9 months ago): - delete
Thank you guys!
Became a vault member this year and will continue to be one forever more! Merry Xmas to you all!

Sargos (9 months ago): - delete
happy hanukkah,Christmas and! Emperor's Birthday!!! (real holiday in japan 23/12) and ofc all the rest of the holidays! love you guys work, make tabletop great again!

99arcturus (9 months ago): - delete
Love these videos

Kang-the-Knight (9 months ago): - delete
Same to you guys, and whatever happened to that tabletop game you were making?

CaptianKilren (9 months ago): - delete
and glad to be at least a minor part of it all

CaptianKilren (9 months ago): - delete
Marry Christmas

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MiniWarGaming's Avatar Author: MiniWarGaming
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Matthew walks around the office talking about all that's happened in 2016, with guest appearances by almost all of the employees of MiniWarGaming.

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