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Published on: Jul 08, 2019

Wanna work at the new MiniWarGaming bunker?


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Positions available: 1-2 part-time (or 1 potential full-time)

Join the MiniWarGaming team at our new bunker and help us run the best events possible in our brand new gaming location.

You will be responsible for planning, promoting, and running evening and Saturday events of all shapes and sizes for both local players and players from all over the world.

We need someone who is super excited about all things gaming (board games, roleplaying games, and miniature wargames), who has great ideas for events that will attract those in Welland and the surrounding areas to come in and game at the MiniWarGaming bunker.

These events will supplement the larger events that will be run by other MiniWarGaming staff (e.g. Matthew's Apocalypticon, Dave's Immersive Narrative Campaign).

You will be responsible to:

-work with the MiniWarGaming managers (i.e. Dave, Matthew, and Josh) to coordinate evening and Saturday activities at the MiniWarGaming bunker
-create the structure and (if necessary) rules for the events
-create any documents required for the players (e.g. PDFs with custom rules)
-promote the events through MiniWarGaming's social media outlets (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)
-be there to run the events, including collecting any necessary payments, and adjudicating any rules (where necessary)
-maintain the cleanliness of the gaming hall
-help any walk-ins to play their own games on any available tables in a friendly and welcoming manner
-lock up and close the gaming hall after the event is complete

While this position is listed as 1-2 part time positions, we are open to the idea of having one person fill it full time.

Requirements for this job include:

-a great enthusiasm about all things gaming
-strong spelling and grammar skills
-strong working knowledge of miniature wargames, roleplaying games, and board games (you don't need to know all the rules for all of the games, but you should be involved in most if not all of these categories of gaming)
-good hygiene
-friendly and outgoing personality
-your own transportation to and from work

If you wish to apply please email with a detailed email of what you would do if you were hired, as well as a resume.
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