Legions of Nagash Review!

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overcast123 (8 days ago): - delete
Seems like the whole 'unmodified' cause in the lore attribute means you can't use the Legion of Sacrament/Talon/Deathlord bonus to help.
Great review though Luka keep it up
MWGLuka (8 days ago): - delete
Yeaaaaahhhh, I was a little excited while reading the book to fully note that. x.x

Though I won't make that mistake in future games

Asmodaiz (9 days ago): - delete
What makes you believe you do not have to pay points for bringing back units? It would be awesome if it was free, but FAQs in the past have stated abilities like this do require points.
machawk (8 days ago): - delete
I think it was in generals handbook 2017, I am looking for this as well trying to confirm.
Because without that it takes a lot out of this army...
machawk (8 days ago): - delete
You are right, you have to pay points to bring back the unit....... that is half the fun gone

Other Comments

machawk (8 days ago): - delete
Luka, there was a number of mistakes, (the unmodified roll was just one) i noticed a few other that i kind of forgot to note down,
but its nice to see you so excited about AoS.
always wanted a death army myself, and this book finally got me started.
Not just to paint 100+ skellingtons

Vissirra (9 days ago): - delete
All the Mortarchs are Death Lords keyword and can draw from either spell book. Also Lore of the Dead is the overarching term for Death spells. It is then divided into the two different types.
Vissirra (9 days ago): - delete
The stacking %u201CFear%u201D or -1 to Bravery is great for Banshees and Terrorghiest, as it applies to all phases.
MWGLuka (8 days ago): - delete
Agreed! That is a powerful combination.

About this Content
MiniWarGaming's Avatar Author: MiniWarGaming
Added: February 13, 2018
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Luka sits down with the NEW Death Battletome The Legions of Nagash!

In this video you'll see information on the 4 new allegiances(The Grand Hosts of Nagash, Legion of Sacrament, Legion of Blood, and Legion of Night), spell lores, and battalions!

Hope you guys enjoy!

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