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Published on: Feb 18, 2010

this is the second in the what weapons and biomorphs to give a= and today is about what weapons and biomorphs to give a=hive tyrant. if you want a certain tyranid or imperial guard unit to be in this type of description warmail me or put it in the comments link to the first what weapons and biomorphs to give a= http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/otibv8KoFa9R

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other

ARMIES: Tyranids, Warhammer 40k

Hello if you liked the first instalment to what weapons and biomorphs to give to a=termaguant then you're in for a treat, because if you have a hive tyrant and just bought the new tyranid codex and you don't know what biomorphs to give most your hive tyrant then I hope this little tutorial will help. Right let's get started, the hive tyrants profile page in the new codex is on page 34 and the army list page is 86 at the top left conner

This is what it says on the army list page

Replace lash whip and bone sword with:
An additional set of scything talons.........free

Replace any set of scything talons with:
Twin-linked deathspitter......................15 points
Twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms...15 points

Take one of the following:
Stranglethorn cannon.............20 points
Heavy vemon cannon...............25 points
Take any of the following abilities:
Hive commander................25 points
Indescribable horror..........25 points
Old adversary.................25 points

take any one the following:
Adrenal glands.............10 points
Toxin sacs.................10 points
Acid blood.................15 points
Implant attack.............15 points
Toxic miasma...............15 points
Regeneration...............20 points

take one of the following:
Thorax swarm with either
electroshock grubs,desiccator
lavae or shreddershard beetles.........25 points
Armoured shell.........................40 points
wings..................................60 points

This is what I think

1)The additional set of scything talons is good because it's free but you have already got one set of scything talons on the hive tyrant and if you get this upgrade you will not be able to get any good guns like the heavy venom cannon.

2)The twin-linked deathspitters are good and are brillant assault 3 ,strength 5 ,ap5 so 2+ to hit when shooting and range 18 so its a decent range for a tyranid gun and I think that anyone smart will take one of these.

3)The twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms is a bit better than a normal devourer with its range 18,assault 6 and strength 4 this can be very handy when taking down infantry and there is a special rule that if an enemy unit suffers one or more casualties because of a devourer and is required to take a morale check at the end of the phase,it suffers a -1 penalty to its leadership.

4)The stranglethorn cannon is very useful that is has strength 6,ap5,range 36 assault 1 ,large blast and pinning so great at killing infantry and tanks.

5)The might heavy venom cannon which is really good at destroying tanks with its powerful strength 9,ap4,range 36 and assault 1 blast this has to be in very tyranid army that has trouble with tanks and it also has a special rule which is unless the target you are shooting at is open-topped vehicle,any glancing or penetrating hit inflicted by a heavy venom cannon suffur an additional -1 penalty to rolls on the vehicle damage chart.

6)The hive commander ability(found on the hive tyrant profile page 34)is good because "If a hive tyrant has the hive commander ability a single unit of troops may outflank.in addition,whilst the hive tyant is alive you add +1 to your reserve rolls so if you have a trygon coming in from reserves this can be handy but for me the points are just too much.

7)The indescribable horror is good and bad, the good way is any unit wanting to charge the hive tyrant has to make a leadership test the bad things are it doesn't effect units with the fearless special rule and its to much points

8)The old adversary rule is good because if there are any tyranid units within 6 inchs of the hive tyant get the preferred enemy rule(at bottom of page 75 of the rule book)which means they can reroll misses to hit in combat but this rule doesn't work when your hitting vehicles without a weapon skill.

9)The adrenal glands is good because it give you the furious charge rule (page 75 in the middle)but its points are a bit too much compared to most tyranids with the adrenal glands on their army list.

10)The toxin sacs is again with the adrenal glands is too much points it's good because it gives all close combat attacks 4+.

11)The acid blood now I thought when gameswork shop was writing this rule I thought they were copying the alien from the alien vr predator movie because the aliens blood is acid and there are some rumours that gameswork shop copied the alien and made the hive tyrant but anyway basicly what it does is if a model has acid blood ever unsaved wound suffers a glancing hit on the d6 roll of a 4+ my opinion is that it's not worth it.

12)The implant attack is when if you roll a 6 when wounding is instant death regardless of the enemys toughness so its good.

13)The toxic miasma is alright because any non-vehicle in base contact has to take a toughness test if failed the enemy must take a wound.

14)Regeneration is not my favourite upgrade because you get one dice for every wound on a 6 it gets taken off for every turn and I am bad at rolling a 6 so that is why it is bad for me.

15)Thorax swarm with either electroshock grubs,desiccator larvae or shreddershard beetles is a shooting type of thing, electroshock grubs has template range so for flamethrower, strength 5,ap5 so 2+ to hit when shooting and assault 1 or desiccator larvae template strenght 1 assault 1 with a special rule against non-vehicle units, hits inflicted by desiccator larvae wound on a 2+ or shreddershard beetles which is a template ranged weapon,strenght 3, assault 1, rending so it sound good and there is a good range of choices.

16)Armoured shell is just a upgrade that you give your hive tyrant 2+ armour save I don't have this in my army for one reason its 40 points it would be better if it was 20 points but it would never be.

17)If you thought the armoured shell was expensive you should have a look at the wings for 60 points just so it counts as jump infantry so it moves 12 inches it beyond a joke so I have to say never ever get this upgrade unless you're crazy

hope you have enjoyed please rate, comment and subscribe and if you what me to do any of your favourite tyranid on what weapons and biomorphs to give a= or do you want me to the first ever what weapons and upgrades to give a imperial guard= put it in the comments or warmail me(the imperial guard ones will be up next month and it will be what weapons and upgrades to give a imperial guard=Sentinel)
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