High Elves vs Empire Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition Battle Report - Older World Wars Ep 1

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Brent949 (4 months ago): - delete
I am very excited about this! If MWG were to play more of these older games more often, in addition to 8th edition fantasy and not in replacement, it would be the thing to push me over the edge to maintaining a vault membership. You guys do great work and have high quality content, but I am more of a swords and shields guy so this appeals to me.

Vezadecio (4 months ago): - delete
Keen to see some older stuff, but also keen to see some newer stuff like the Community Edition 9th Age

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Spass (4 months ago): - delete
Loving it!

Goatsplitter (4 months ago): - delete
Oh baby, this is so awesome! Thanks for doing this! Thank you for busting out some 6th. I think it's the greatest table-top game I've ever played because they struck this perfect balance between luck and skill. Knowing everything's charge distances forces a player to think multiple turns ahead and try to anticipate their opponent's moves. God, it's just brilliant.

A few errors, mostly ticky-tack stuff. You guys did great for an edition that was replaced a dozen years ago.

1. Grape shot-- Steve you described the rule perfectly in the rulebook, but one of the annuals/compendiums changed it to a straight artillery die. I always preferred the template anyways (tended to be much nastier.)

2. Steve how you broke from combat with your skirmishers was a pretty significant mistake. Your skirmishers do NOT flee towards the nearest table edge after breaking from a losing combat. It is still directly away like all editions. See page 74 (close to the bottom of the page.) The Greatswords would have pursued directly forward and potentially charged into the Swordmasters (but then got flanked by your spears and you would have likely munched the unit anyways.) The archers that broke would have fled away from the knights (higher unit strength.)
'Nearest table edge' only really applies when things fail to rally at the beginning of your next turn. Page 74.
Further note-- even failed panic tests will initially flee from the source of the panic rather than the nearest table edge.

3. Steve, you couldn't make way with your Character (1:02.55) anyways, because you can only make way with a character during your movement phase (page 97 near the top.)

4. Page 73 Count rank bonuses BEFORE you roll swings for combat for resolution-score purposes. Unit strength (+1) is after the swings, but ranks are before. So if two full units smack into each other, you know both will get a 3 regardless of who murders who.

5. Not a rules mistake but something that's easy to screw up and I am just trying to get ahead of, but you might already know. Fast cav, of course, can be march blocked, but skirmishers don't get march blocked. A character on foot is essentially skirmisher, so had one of the HE heroes been on foot, they aren't march blocked.

Just some final comments on playing Empire, some hills and trees will go a long way towards allowing Cullen to keep his griffon alive. Totally understand why you guys kept the table clean for what is basically is a demo game, but obviously terrain is a big deal. That griffon needs those LoS blockers because it's so fragile. Also, don't forget if a unit is on a higher elevation, they can shoot in 2 ranks, and can shoot over things that would normally be in way.

Cullen-- whenever you get to play 6th again, bring mortars. I love my hellblaster (read misfire result 6-- sooo good,) but for like 15 points more, you can have 2 mortars. Elves HATE mortars. They are nasty to T3 expensive models. I will say in all of 6th, two mortars might be the most devastating thing an elf player will see.

Swordsmen-- if you have them, are also key. They make the best parents units, they are WS 4 instead of 3, and parry is good.

I loved my Elector Count on a griffon (get into combat challenge Van Horstman's Speculum = profit,) but look up Grandmaster and a little item called the Laurels of victory.

Basically, Steve dusted off a HE army that I would have seen during a tournament-- a very good list, while the Empire army could stand for a bit more optimization.

Luka-- the only time HE/DE don't bring two bolt-throwers is when they bring four. You plug the two or more bolt-throwers in Army Builder before you build the rest of the army.

Again, awesome job. I really hope to see more.
Goatsplitter (4 months ago): - delete
Okay, I just caught the end comments of the video, and no swordsmen, huh? That's tough. You could use 48 of those for 2 units of 24. They are the backbone of any good Empire army, but oh well.

When playing Empire, you don't ever want your opponent, this side of dwarfs, ever thinking they can leisurely sit back and trade shots with you. That is no different then how you played 8th. I'm a big believer in 1 cannon, two mortars, and a unit of pistoliers to shoot up whatever fast cav comes too close, or run off to play with their back lines. A unit of 10 handgunners, hopefully on a crest of a hill, with the detachment of 5 FC as chaff down below, is also real nice. A unit of 5 huntsmen to march block and slow down my opponent's stuff was great too when I could get away with it. A captain on a pegasus to try to ruin their back lines (fly him up the side they way you moved your knights,) is a neat trick. As much as I like my EC on a griffon, I just got more work done with my GrandMaster w/ Laurels of Victory in a unit of 9 inner circle, and they would spend most of the game staying back and planning for an effective charge. If the scenario allowed, I'd play it all as a game of table edges. My edge as I wait for you to slog across the board eating lead, and your edge as I took either my pegasus or fast cav around and tried to make merry Hell for your gun lines and artillery. If I succeed, I win. If I don't, I probably lose.

Oh and, Empire's access to magic is uninspired. Lvl 1 scroll caddy is what you need. I'd usually hide him in the woods so I made sure he didn't die by accident before burning both dispels. Often my characters were a lord, a captain on peggi, and 2 lvl 1 scroll caddies because I faced a lot of Slann/Skaven/Elf/VC magic and you need to lock that stuff down.
Goatsplitter (4 months ago): - delete
Oh, and the Steel Standard will just break your heart. I gave up on it and switched to arcane warding (magic resistance 2)

Zultiun (4 months ago): - delete
Cullen!!! i love your shirt

99arcturus (4 months ago): - delete
Love 6th wish I was a littler older so I could have played it looks like lots of fun
Also Steve if you are playing orcs and goblins please use regular Orc boyz

DanielMHayes (4 months ago): - delete
Was thinking of getting back into 6th edition Fantasy. Great timing!

Leevi (4 months ago): - delete
What about Herohammer(5th edition)?
Paksos (4 months ago): - delete
Herohammer was the first edition I played!

SemperSteel (4 months ago): - delete
Steve, c'mon now. Do you really want to start a new edition by bringing the stupid eagle?

That's all sorts of horrible karma.
Goatsplitter (4 months ago): - delete
Every tournament HE player brought the two eagles. Too good not to take

Moocizzle (4 months ago): - delete
Great content! This is what i love to see

Blason (4 months ago): - delete
Love the idea of older-edition Warhammer! Is there a +1 to hit for shooting at large targets?
Goatsplitter (4 months ago): - delete
Yep. Dragons usually didn't care so much because T6, but poor manticores and griffons.

rehlor (4 months ago): - delete
Holy crap, I had no idea I wanted this but I really, really did. Thanks, guys!

chelisolid (4 months ago): - delete
love the show, thank you guys

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Steve and Cullen take a break from 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy, and give 6th edition Fantasy a try.

High elves vs Empire with army comps very different from what we are used to.

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