Augustine's Wreckage Q&A (Upcoming Necromunda / Armageddon Campaign)

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Paradox- (5 months ago): - delete
Id love to see a separate video for each force, explaining rules and fluff. maybe look at there future possible upgrades if there unique. would be great if the player was in the video, so it a 20 min or so chat between you two discussing the gang as i previously mentioned

malko888 (5 months ago): - delete
squiggers of the dune

corvak (5 months ago): - delete
They carry a harpoon

BigMikey (5 months ago): - delete
they howl at the moon

Chozon1 (5 months ago): - delete

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avolp (5 months ago): - delete
Will this tie into the overall MWG universe at all or is it basically self-contained and just uses the name of Augustine's Station?

shamusolarry (5 months ago): - delete
I am so excited for this! I have a feeling that this will be one of your best campaigns to date! Thanks to all the MWG team for all the work you've put into it!
Happy wargaming!

Herokidstar (5 months ago): - delete
I can't Wait its sounds like a lot of fun.

PS can you do a AoS Path to Glory as there are a bunch of other factions besides Chaos in it.

HardRockinAmigo (5 months ago): - delete
Do you plan to post a "Miniwargamunda"-ish summary or rulebook with all the used rules for us to use?

Big_Friendly_Wargamer (5 months ago): - delete
If Steve doesn't call his gang by their names and refers to them as duders do they become pinned?

Do you have any thoughts on running a full necromunda campaign in the future, if you can get the models?

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Matthew answers some of your questions about the upcoming Necromunda / Armageddon Campaign "Augustine's Wreckage."

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