Adeptus Custodes Review

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Aclys (6 days ago): - delete
the biggest issue with the land raiders is that they are so expensive that you can get -4- dawneagle bikers, 2 with hurrycane bolters and 2 with salvo launchers, for the same cost in points.

Needless to say the bikers are faster, arguably more durable due to getting that invulnerable save and while only half the anti-tank firepower, they bring more anti infantry dakka to make up for it and a Hillariously overpowering melee-ability. There's really no reason to take the raider unless you specifically need some long-ranged anti-tank firepower... And frankly if that's what you want you are better off grabbing some leman russes in a guard detatchment (2d6 battle cannon shots, even if hitting on 4, beats 4 lascannons hitting on 2+ most of the time and doesnt even count the sponson weapons or the use of Pask to get that sweet 2 bs back).

Speaking of, custodes a minimalist guard detch of a company commander, a psyker and 3 bare bones guard squads nets you 3cp, the imperial guard warlord and relic ability to regain command points spent (or steal some when the opponent uses theirs) All for the points cost of One of your 3 man custodes guard squads!

It is a very good way to mitigate your dearthly shortage of cp for all those awesome stratagems Plus you can always use "shoulder the mantle" should the enemy manage to get to your imp stratamancer and turn one of your custodes into the new warlord, gaining a trait in the process. The only downside with this is that you lose access to custodes relics... But given the improved ability to use custodes (and guard) stratagems I'd say it is more than worth it.

Plus, as mentioned above grabbing a leman russ or pask is Much better long ranged artillery platforms for the points cost than trying to spam custodes landraiders.


LuckyPants (7 days ago): - delete
Custodes objective secured is special.
it doesn't say troop's.
It says all infantry and bikers. You have objective secured on troop's, elites, fast attack and HQ's.

Bard-at-heart (7 days ago): - delete
dude your like 12 without the beard, i think you need to grow it back

machawk (7 days ago): - delete
beard gone? So you went from harlyquirk back to Beverly.

Nice review. Really need to get painting now

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Kaptin-Obvious (3 days ago): - delete
Drinking challenge: Take a shot each time Quirk says "What!" in this video

Den12 (6 days ago): - delete
better late then never. Good job!

Waki (6 days ago): - delete
Love this book. Small, but really fun elite army to play.

DanielTMU (6 days ago): - delete
@32ish minutes: The Leadership Strategim says "Imperium" not "Custodes" so it even allied Imperial Guard and Ad Mech units can use the Custodes Captain's Leadership 9.
DanielTMU (6 days ago): - delete
And @35ish minutes: The Missile Net Strategim sounds like trouble for MCs. Flyrents and Blood Thirsters beware.

TranquilDarkness (7 days ago): - delete
What I've seen of the custodes in action is awesome and nasty. Nice take on their tricks.

But.. hey Quirk.. yer awesome..where did the beard go?
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MiniWarGaming's Avatar Author: MiniWarGaming
Added: February 12, 2018
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Quirk finally goes through the new Adeptus Custodes codex and talks about all the new models, relics, stratagems. He also gets super excited about some awesome combos the army can do!

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