Dirty metallics

Just a bit of an update I used Tamiya smoke but for better results i now use GW badaab black but for the brownish stain i still use Vallejo Smoke.

If you want a High Def view of the ork follow this link for the video (got a new camera)
AOBR Warboss

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DualBlackX (Over a year ago): - delete
i did the gear's thing with my chaos hahaha nice
Orklootas (Over a year ago): - delete
warboss a like it
Astarte (Over a year ago): - delete
Good job

But i like the skin on the warboss
Longicauda (Over a year ago): - delete
Thanks for the tutorial. the finished model looks excellent. Although I think it would be great if people watched a video and made relevant comment about the video. Gears of war might be great but the video is about painting
krunkumunga (Over a year ago): - delete
anyone else notice the tinkerbell thing in the background lol just sayin
hansolo (Over a year ago): - delete
heck yes loc bot the game owns
locbot (Over a year ago): - delete
Gears of War= Best Game Ever
Loota (Over a year ago): - delete
So basicly black line, black wash and brown wash?
bigboss (Over a year ago): - delete
sweet dude
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Here is an old tutorial i did on doing metallic shading with an AOBR Orc warboss.

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