Khorne monument

Khorne monumentKhorne monument2Khorne monument

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worldEater15 (Over a year ago): - delete
sweet man
Aenarion (Over a year ago): - delete
baddog (Over a year ago): - delete
use the skulls from your extra bits, or green stuff em. you can put some face down too, so its really just a ball of green stuff you painted white
Aenarion (Over a year ago): - delete
do you guys know how I can get skulls? Cause I would like to add some more.
Choco (Over a year ago): - delete
Looks pretty good, needs more skulls though
Dragonshaman27 (Over a year ago): - delete
Maybe you could add an altar and have a sacaficed victim on it? I don't know but that is very good start would like to see more
sanandraes (Over a year ago): - delete
More blood. make it sticky with blood. dunk it in the red paint. use real blood even. BLOOD. yum.
Aenarion (Over a year ago): - delete
ok I will try to add more skulls
Dragenen (Over a year ago): - delete
What is this, Slaneesh, needs more blood. Otherwise awsome
ShadowAngel159 (Over a year ago): - delete
MORE SKULLZ FOR THE SKULL GOD!!! lol otherwise, awesome job
DarthVader (Over a year ago): - delete
locbot (Over a year ago): - delete
BigBrair (Over a year ago): - delete
from one khorne player to another more skulls an more blood. BLAP BLAP
Fallen-Brother (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice dude
Since its khorn maybe you could ad a pile of skulls on the front lol
Chaos-Killer (Over a year ago): - delete
thats kewl
About this Content
Aenarion's Avatar Author: Aenarion
Added: June 7, 2009
Rated: 12345 (8)

This is a khorne monument I made out of styrofoam and pieces from the chaos rhino kit.

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